Download LogTag® Preset

1.10.1 RELEASED JUNE 16TH, 2022

LogTag preset window
LogTag® Preset is a distributor only tool for LogTag® deployment management that allows bulk configuring of LogTag® loggers. It also allows setting special logger features that are not accessible from the standard LogTag® Analyzer software, including:
  • Setting loggers to Multi-use or Limited use operation
  • Configure Indicator products
  • Enabling an extra trip on factory pre-set limited use loggers to allow for calibration
  • Setting custom LogTag® ID
  • Prevent user from changing logger configuration password.
  • Change logger configuration password, without requiring existing password (password reset). (Maximum duration a logger can record for (Single use operation) functionality is current disabled in this version).
It is essential you read the LogTag® Preset User Guide , as there are new features in Preset can impact end users. Starting with version 1.5r12 context sensitive help is available in all dialogues when pressing the F1 key. NOTE: Because of these features LogTag® Preset must not be released to the public domain and is strictly for distributor use only. LogTag® Preset is coded with a specific distributor authorisation code that then protects single user LogTags® from being used by another distributor without permission. Contact us for your authorisation code to allow use of this software. You may receive a message from your operating system that the program did not install correctly; this is a known issue with the installer used and can simply be acknowledged by selecting “This program installed correctly”.