Healthcare Temperature Solutions

Healthcare facilities, including clinics and hospitals, rely on accurate and consistent temperatures for patient safety and care.

It is estimated that the biopharma industry loses $35 billion a year due to temperature-controlled logistics failures. 

(American Journal for Transportation)

In today's advanced healthcare, forensic, and bioscience labs, maintaining precise temperature control is crucial. LogTag's temperature logging devices are key for monitoring conditions within refrigerators and critical storage areas, essential for the integrity of reagents in blood analyzers and centrifuges, where specific cool temperatures preserve efficacy. Clinical chemistry and immunoassay analyzers, dependent on these reagents for disease diagnosis and patient health monitoring, gain from LogTag's accurate data logger capabilities.

This technology is also vital in liquid chromatography, widely used for sample analysis, ensuring precise temperature conditions for storage and accurate separation. LogTag’s refrigerator data loggers provide detailed temperature data and alerts, enabling swift corrective actions and minimizing the risk of errors in sensitive laboratory environments.

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Safeguard vaccines, medications, and critical temperature-sensitive healthcare supplies using LogTag's precise temperature logging devices, ensuring dependable and accurate temperature monitoring for optimal safety.

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Medical Centers & Clinics

Enhance patient care quality with LogTag's precise data monitoring solutions, providing accurate and reliable healthcare insights.