Food & Drink Temperature Solutions

Preserve the safety and quality of your temperature-sensitive food products through every stage – processing, distribution, or storage – with LogTag’s comprehensive monitoring solutions.

The economic costs of global food loss and waste have been estimated to exceed $1 trillion annually.

(Annual Review of Environment and Resources)

A key factor driving food loss is the lack of sufficient cold storage capacity and inadequate transportation infrastructure with 14% of food being lost during distribution according to the BioScience Journal.

To prevent wastage, efficient cold chain solutions become pivotal. LogTag addresses this challenge by providing a suite of reliable and efficient loggers and software, designed to monitor your temperature-sensitive food products in real-time, allowing you to safeguard and ensure their safe and efficient journey from farm to table.

Seamlessly integrate these devices into your workflow, leveraging their capability to collect, store, and analyze critical data, ensuring your food processing meets the highest standards of safety and quality

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Food Processing

Ensure food safety at every stage of production, from cultivation to processing, with LogTag’s robust temperature monitoring solutions.

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Produce Export

Maintain the highest standards of food quality and safety, in line with HACCP guidelines with precise mentoring and seamless data management, ensuring freshness on arrival.

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Food Safety

Improve your quality assurance process with LogTag's temperature loggers, equipping you with the essential data needed to guarantee the delivery of safe and healthy foods to consumers worldwide.

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