Immunization Temperature Solutions

Find federally compliant temperature monitoring solutions and deliver key immunizations throughout the United States.

Globally, more than 50% of vaccines go to waste, and inadequate temperature management is a significant factor in this loss. 

(World Health Organisation)

Inadequate cold chain management and storage is a key contributor to this statistic. Vaccines, highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations, can quickly become ineffective if not stored within the correct temperature range. Ensuring adherence to federal health regulations is vital for maintaining vaccine efficacy. At LogTag, we understand the critical nature of vaccine logistics and can help you tackle core challenges in Vaccine Logistics from manufacture to administration.

Discover temperature monitoring solutions that meet federal compliance standards, ensuring the safe and effective delivery of key immunizations across the United States. Our state-of-the-art technology guarantees precise temperature control, critical for maintaining the potency and efficacy of vaccines from storage to administration. Benefit from comprehensive data logging, real-time alerts, and seamless integration with existing systems, providing you with the confidence and tools to manage a robust immunization program.

With our solutions, you can uphold public health standards, contribute to national immunization efforts, and ensure communities receive the protection they need against preventable diseases.


LogTag temperature loggers provide essential support for companies to meet strict immunization standards, ensuring compliance with programs like Vaccines for Children.

Flu & COVID-19

Enhance community health with regular vaccine deliveries using LogTag temperature loggers, ensuring safe and effective immunization in convenient settings.