Agriculture & Veterinary Temperature Solutions

Maximize agricultural and veterinary success with LogTag’s advanced temperature-monitoring loggers, essential for optimal crop and livestock management

Globally, 18 billion animals are wasted every year representing about one-sixth of annual meat production. This figure is largely due to mismanaged supply chains, improper storage and unvaccinated animals.

(Leiden University)

In the agricultural and veterinary fields, particularly in meat and dairy production, effective temperature control is crucial. LogTag temperature loggers offer advanced solutions for precise environmental monitoring, critical for optimal livestock health and the preservation of meat and dairy product quality. These sectors face challenges with fluctuating temperatures leading to animal health issues, reduced dairy yields, and compromised meat integrity, which can result in significant financial losses and consumer health risks. Proper storage and handling of agricultural products, facilitated by accurate temperature management, are vital to prevent spoilage and ensure food safety.

LogTag temperature loggers provide a practical solution for monitoring these critical conditions. These devices offer precise and continuous temperature monitoring, vital for animal housing and product storage. With LogTag, farmers and veterinarians can maintain environments at suitable temperatures, promoting animal health and ensuring product freshness. The technology in LogTag loggers, including real-time alerts and detailed temperature records, facilitates proactive management of environmental conditions. Utilizing LogTag loggers in agricultural and veterinary operations aids in maintaining animal welfare, product quality, and enhances operational efficiency.

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Meat & Dairy

Ensure the effectiveness of animal vaccinations and protect your livestock's well-being with LogTag's precision temperature loggers, meticulously monitoring environmental conditions to maintain optimal safety and quality of animal habitats, feed, and vaccine storage.

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Enhance your commitment to environmental sustainability using LogTag loggers. Precise data collection gives you the power to minimize waste and optimize energy usage, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.