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What is LogTag Online?

LogTag Online (LTO) is a Cloud-based online environmental management system providing alarm notifications, compliance, record storage and reporting functions.

LTO allows its users to download data from LogTag dataloggers, view the data in the cloud, and allows the sharing and securing of the data using a permissions system.

Getting Started

Step One: Create your LTO Account

Create a Basic (Free) Account or a Standard (Paid)* account now at: LogTag Online.

*To activate all LogTag Online features, (depending on your user requirement), contact your local provider for activation code(s) to be on a Standard (Paid) account upon sign-up. Find out the difference between the LTO account options here.

Step Two: Configure your WiFi Device

Download the latest Connection Wizard here: connectionwizard.exe.

A zipped version is available here:

A WiFi Connection Guide is available to guide you through the steps here.

Step Three: Upload your data

There are 2 primary methods of uploading your devices data to LogTag Online. The first is LogTag Drive. A simple and easy to use file storage page.

Alternatively, you can create a Location to get access to real-time data and notifications. Read our LogTag Online User Guide for instructions on our Resources + Training page.

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