LogTag® Memory Repair Tool

1.1.3 RELEASED JULY 8TH , 2021

LogTag Memory Restore Tool

The LogTag® Memory restore tool is designed to restore corrupted memory locations in TRID30-7R & TRED30-7R replaceable battery LogTags which have been corrupted by either not following the battery change procedures during battery change, or by allowing the LogTag® to run its battery flat while recording.

The way in which this is implemented is that the tool uses the last successfully downloaded and uncorrupted LTD file generated by the LogTag® to rewrite the corrupted locations. It verifies the file against the LogTag® by ensuring the matching Calibration tables in the file and in the LogTag® are identical, and also extracts the serial number from the file and asks the user to verify it against the serial number label on the LogTag®.