Covid-19 vaccination programme monitoring in Thailand


A reputable distributor in Thailand has been selected by the Health Authority for the use of LogTag TRED30-16R loggers in Covid-19 vaccine monitoring for its mass vaccination programme in the country. The distributor has been offering comprehensive cold chain management solutions alongside numerous other healthcare products and services over the years, as they continuously commit to public health improvements in Thailand. The government paves way in the increased importance of cold chain management systems furthered by the evident global COVID-19 pandemic today.


The LogTag TRED30-16R and its additional accessories accompanied by the distributor’s other cold chain management merchandises can complete the vaccine storage and monitoring set, providing the ultimate, reliable instrument in controlling and recording vaccine temperatures in many vaccination sites throughout the country.

As per information provided from the distributor, the TRED30-16R provides a clear display screen so it will help the users in their country easily see recorded data/alarm immediately and the settings are easy to set-up and use. The operators can download data quickly using the LogTag interface to send and report information routinely accompanied by the free LogTag Analyzer software, to ensure compliance is met under local and international accreditations of acceptable cold chain management standards.


Due to the simplicity and quality of the LogTag TRED30-16R, and the friendly support the distributor received from the LogTag team, this ensured a reliable cold chain management system for the mass vaccination programme throughout Thailand. Furthermore, this sustained the positive relationship the distributor had with users toward LogTag applications.

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