What is LogTag Online Transit?

LogTag Online Transit is for professionals in the cool chain logistics arena. Shipments can be easily created for an individual or team to monitor, document and audit shipment(s) using a wide range of features such as receiving Shipment out of temperature alerts, shipment arrival, viewing shipment status and completion reports.

Account Structure


Prepay Top-up
(Activation Code required)


Email + SMS or WhatsApp



SMS (Outside USA)

Up to 25 SMS messages per month
(dependent on amount purchased)

Maximum number of shipments**

(dependent on amount purchased)

File Storage

10 Years

*Number of notification units are sold in bundles of 500 units at $6.25 USD per bundle. SMS notification costs 1 notification unit, whereas WhatsApp notification cost 2 notification units.

**Sold in bundles of 50 shipment units at $25 USD per bundle.

^ Notifications: fair usage applies. If recurring notifications have been sent with failed acknowledgement after multiple attempts, it will be detected as excessive usage. Further costs will apply if you wish to receive ongoing notifications beyond the fair usage amount by topping up directly on LogTag Online.

Support & Training Resources

LogTag Online Transit Brochure

LogTag Online Transit Getting Started Guide

Glossary of Terms