What is LogTag Online Fixed?

LogTag Online Fixed is for fixed-site monitoring in LogTag Online. LogTag Online Fixed is suitable for VFC (Vaccine for Children) program users when monitoring fixed-sites such as vaccine fridge(s) or freezer(s). LogTag Online can generate and store the reports needed to meet immunization requirements, standards and protocols; these include inspection logs and troubleshooting records in the event of an alarm excursion.

Account Structure


Basic (Free) Account
(No Activation Code)

Standard (Paid) Account
(Activation Code required)

Number of Locations*

1 Limited Location

1 Full Location per purchased Activation Code1
Valid for 12 or 24 months

Location History

3 Months

10 Years

Notifications2 **

Email Only

Email + SMS or WhatsApp2




SMS (Outside USA)


Up to 25 messages per month (dependent on amount purchased via Activation Code)

Maximum number of files4


1000 (dependent on amount of Location purchased via Activation Code)

File Storage

1 Year

10 Years

Number of registered devices



Number of users



1 One Location can only have one data logger (such as the TRED30-16 or UTRED30-WiFi Real-Time). Purchasing Location activation codes allows multi-team members and provides Notification units.
2 Messaging capabilities are not activated until Location and/or Notification activation codes are purchased. Alert notification that are sent through WhatsApp are not free and use notification units
3 Only for mobile service providers that support the Email-to-Text service. Other providers will depend on the purchased activation code. Carrier fair use policies apply.
4 Can upload unlimited number of files to LogTag Drive. Free account gets to view the last 30. Increased capacity of Drive requires purchasing Location activation code at 1000 per Location.
If recurring notifications have been sent with failed acknowledgment after multiple attempts, it will be detected as excessive usage. Further costs will apply if you wish to receive ongoing notifications beyond the fair usage amount by topping up directly on LogTag Online.

*If you purchase from distributors, you have the option to be on a 12-month or 24-month location subscription. If you purchase directly on LogTag Online for prepaid accounts, the 12-month location is the only option available. 1 Location per year = $50 USD.
**Number of notification units are sold in bundles of 500 units at $6.25 USD per bundle. SMS notification costs 1 notification unit, whereas WhatsApp notification cost 2 notification units.

Support & Training Resources

LogTag Online Fixed Brochure

LogTag Online User Guide

Glossary of Terms