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What is LogTag Online Fixed?

LTO Fixed is for fixed-site monitoring in LogTag Online. LTO fixed is suitable for VFC (Vaccine for Children) program users when monitoring fixed-sites such as vaccine fridge(s) or freezer(s). LogTag Online can generate and store the reports needed to meet immunization requirements, standards and protocols; these include inspection logs and troubleshooting records in the event of an alarm excursion.

Account Structure

LTO Account structure overview chart

FeatureBasic (Free) Account
(No Activation Code)
Standard (Paid) Account
(Activation Code required)
Number of Locations1 Limited Location1 Full Location per purchased Activation Code
Location History3 Months10 Years
NotificationsEmail OnlyEmail + SMS
SMS (USA)NoneUnlimited
SMS (Outside USA)NoneUp to 25 per month
Maximum number of files301000
File Storage1 Year10 Years
Number of registered devicesUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of users2Unlimited

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