Release Notes for LogTag® Online

1.3 release 0

    New Features:
  • Added CFR 21 Part 11 Digital Signatures functionality. files and shipments can be digitally signed using a pre-set list of signatures, available in the team settings; signatures tab. Signing shipments will add a digital signature to all files in the shipment. Admins or owners may be granted or revoked permission to sign files and shipments using Inspected, Approved, Rejected or Quarantine signatures. To add a signature to a file or shipment, navigate to the Reports; Logger Report tab and click the green “Signatures” button. All enabled signatures for your account type will be displayed in the dropdown list. Note that signing a file or shipment will add the signature to the entire file and not the selected date range. Once signed, all signatures within the file/shipment are displayed in the table above with a user and timestamp. The list of signatures is also attached to the bottom of the file/shipment report PDF.
  • Added Multi-logger shipments. Up to 5 loggers may be added to a single shipment. Chart and report functionality allows for comparison of the multiple loggers in the shipments. Only loggers with a status of “Delivered” are displayed in the shipment multi-chart. Multi-logger shipment data can be exported as a zipped set of LTD or CSV files. Multiple loggers per shipment re specified in Bulk shipment creation by adding an additional line per logger serial number below the optional shipment name.
  • Added Shipment Defaults. Default shipment coordinators can be defined for all future shipments, which are then prepopulate in the shipment notifications when creating a new shipment or creating bulk shipments.
  • Added ability to receive alert notifications via WhatsApp. Alert notifications can now be configured to be sent through WhatsApp instead of SMS. To enable this feature, the “Allow WhatsApp alert feature” needs to be selected within the team settings. As well as enabling the feature in the team settings, the specific users who want to receive WhatsApp messages must enable the “Receive SMS messages in WhatsApp” under their account settings or an admin/owner can enable it for them.
  • New users to a team now have all of the team’s locations pinned to their dashboard by default.
  • Added an unpin location icon to pinned locations on the dashboard.
  • Added Phone number, preferred contact time & Company logo’s to support form.
  • Added Location data export in LTD file format. This is avaialble from the existing “Export” button in the location chart tab. The LTD file will be emailed to the registered accounts email address once generated.
  • UTRED30-WIFI devices may be configured remotely by using a pre-set device configuration profile. Only UTRED30-WIFI devices running firmware version 8.06 or later and assigned to a Location can be remotely configured. A logger may be assigned and configured with a profile from the Location; settings tab. A devices’ configured profile can be viewed by editing the device via the Devices tab. Once a profile has been assigned to a device, it will be applied the next time the device contacts the server. During this time the profile name shows a “Status: Pending”. If the profile has been applied to the device successfully, the profile name shows a status of “Status: Applied”.
  • The following pre-set configuration profiles are avaialble for UTRED30-WIFI devices:
    Ambient: Lower: 15°C 2 consecutive, Upper: 25°C 2 consecutive.
    Fridge: Lower: 2°C 2 consecutive, Upper: 8°C 2 consecutive
    Freezer: Upper: -15ׄ°C 2 consecutive
  • Simplified Activation Code Renewal. A new column “Renew” button has been added to the “My Account”; “Billing” tab. Location codes which have not yet been expired may be renewed with a replacement code. The replacement code must have the same number of locations as the existing code. If the code has expired already, the Add New button should be used instead.
  • A “I grant Support full access to team” checkbox has been added to the LogTagOnline team creation page.
  • The ability to select hours and minutes has been added to all existing MMM-DD-YYYY date pickers in order to be able to more finely selected date and time ranges.
  • Added a tooltip when editing location notifications, indicating alerts will continue to be sent until they are acknowledged.
  • Added support for new UTREL-16, UTREL30-16, and UTREL30-WIFI loggers.
  • Added Unicode support in Emails and SMS. Unicode characters are now shown correctly in both emails and SMS messages sent from LogTagOnline.
  • Changed “Attach to Location” to “Move to Location” in the file edit dialog.
  • File “Tags” have been changed to “Labels”. This better reflects that labels are only used as a clearer description of the file.
  • USA mobile numbers with a mobile carrier of “Other” will consume notification credits and the unlimited SMS notifications do not apply.
  • When an alert to a mobile number fails to be delivered, then that number will be marked as “Unverified” and the system will not try and send further alerts. Alerts are resumed once the user modifies their account settings with the “Save Changes” button. This prevents consumption of notification units to incorrectly entered mobile numbers.
  • Reports downloaded within a specific date/time range now have the date/time range as a part of the filename. The reports included in this change are the Event Log, Location, File, and Shipment PDF’s.
  • All dialogs (excluding location/shipment) can now be closed by clicking outside of them if there are no unsaved changes.
  • Your local LogTag representative will be alerted when your activation codes run out or expire.
  • Shipment logger status has been added in the shipment info tab. If the logger had any alarm events generated, a red cross is shown. If there were no alarms, a green tick is displayed.

  • Bug Fixes:
  • Chart images in reports are now scaled correctly if browser zoom level is not 100%.
  • Removed ability for teams to incorrectly invite reseller team members to their account.
  • “Readings not Displayed” event are now generated in all cases.
  • Improved several mobile device view issues.
  • Removed the ability for an admin level user to demote themselves.
  • Resolved device dropdown within locations switching to “None” after saving settings changes.
  • Event logs can now be filtered for “connection lost” and “connection restored” events.
  • Resolved incorrect handling of any daylight-saving time shift in shipment reports.
  • Resolved rare instances where location device information would not load.
  • Undelivered SMS/Email events now displays correct acknowledgement time.
  • Most recent file is now shown in the Shipment Data List instead of the first file received.
  • Reduce instance of LogTagOnline generated emails being marked as spam.
  • Min/Max values are now being correctly rounded in all cases in the troubleshooting report.
  • Zoomed shipment report data is now correctly calculated.
  • Delivered email/sms notifications are now being sent after removing remaining undelivered loggers from shipments.
  • File CSV export date-time now aligns with LogTag Analyzer date time calculation.
  • VFC inspection reports not always show the full data for the selected range.
  • Shipment chart data displayed now correctly accounts for daylight-savings offsets.
  • Uploading the same logger twice will now only generate one alarm if required.
  • Recurring alarms can now be acknowledged in all cases.

1.1 release 0

    New Features:
  • Added transit user team profile.
  • Added shipment tab.
  • Added create shipment.
  • Added shipment detail modal.
  • Added messaging tab.
  • Added UUID to reports, based on first date, last date, timezone, file/location id.
  • Added CSV date/time format.
  • Added user emails under edit team.
  • Added ability to change users phone number in edit team.
  • Added remove from team/leave team warning.
  • Added support for “readings not displayed” event.
  • Continues to send alerts until acknowledged.
  • Added warning text that prestart readings will be lost when attaching to location.
  • LTO now has the ability to detect if a pdf file generated from LTO has been altered.
  • Improved Auit log internal table.

  • Bug Fixes:
  • Activation code list not updated when code added.
  • Firefox – search by date with dash not working.
  • Occasionally some devices are not in the list.
  • Alarm escalation procedure not cancelled when archiving location.
  • Split app service live plan to improve performance.