Software Development Kit

The LogTag® SDK (software development kit) allows third party software developers of Windows applications to communicate to LogTag products. Software Access (on Windows OS Platforms) to the LogTag range of products is achieved through a dynamic link library (LogTagIOXX.dll), which is the same library used by other LogTag software, including LogTag Analyzer. The LogTag SDK outlines the methods and structures available for use through this library.

Using the library & SDK allows:

  • Download readings recorded from a LogTag.
  • Access readings stored within a file.
  • Store downloaded readings to a file, which can also be accessed (read) later and by the LogTag Analyzer software.
  • Configure a LogTag so that it is ready to record readings.

Please note that the documentation contained within this SDK uses the C++ and C# languages to illustrate the methods and structures it supports. The SDK can be used in a C#/.NET environment.

Please note that from release 2.7r16 onwards the USB drivers are no longer installed automatically. Please download the msi installers drivers from the links below or use the driver installation utility provided with the SDK.