Monitoring critical temperatures.

Having an effective temperature monitoring solution within a laboratory environment can be complex but plays a vital role in ensuring laboratory safety and that the performance of experiments is accurate and consistent. Within the global pharmaceutical industry, $35 Billion is lost every year due to substandard cold chain practices. Temperature-sensitive products, such as vaccines and other therapeutics, can become ineffective or even dangerous if exposed to elevated temperatures for certain periods of time.


Quality control 

Temperature control is a critical factor in many laboratory environments, where variations in temperature can affect the quality of products and the validity of results. Proper temperature monitoring helps ensure that results are not impacted by temperature fluctuations, ensuring quality and reliability.

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Equipment performance

Certain laboratory equipment, such as refrigerators, freezers, and incubators, rely on precise temperature control for optimal performance. LogTag loggers can immediately detect temperature deviations in real-time, alerting laboratory personnel when the temperature falls beyond the configured range. This allows users to respond promptly, preventing the degradation of products or samples and ensuring its accuracy and reliability.


Compliance with regulations 

Many industries, such as pharmaceuticals and food, are subject to strict compliance regulations in regards to temperature control and its monitoring. LogTag loggers are designed to comply with temperature monitoring requirements, providing users with a method to accurately measure and record temperature data, which can be used to trace changes in temperature over time, helping determine the conditions under which goods are being manufactured, stored, or transported at.

LogTag loggers are a perfect fit for laboratory environments as they provide users with an accurate, reliable, and verifiable temperature monitoring solution. LogTag loggers are designed to meet compliance and ensure the integrity of results. By using LogTag Loggers, users can ensure that temperature-sensitive processes are performed both consistently and accurately, and that valuable samples or products are protected from degradation. LogTag loggers are easy to use and provide real-time temperature data that can be easily accessed and analyzed, even remotely. The compact size and portability of our loggers make them suitable for use in a variety of laboratory settings, and are built to meet specific requirements and standards. Overall, using LogTag loggers in a laboratory environment can help ensure experiments are performed under optimal conditions and results are accurate and trustworthy, contributing to positive laboratory safety.