Release Notes For LogTag® Preset

1.10 RELEASE 1

  • Added support for TIC20 V4
  • Show “Unsupported LogTag” for dual-sensor UTREx30
  • Changed protocol to https for version update check
  • USB LogTag PDF options dialog: Set PDF_LOGO_FILETYPE to 0 when no custom logo defined
  • TIC/TICT configuration: Added extra checks to avoid data loss when contact is intermittent
  • Added support for INHIBITDELAYRETRIGGER (USB loggers), POWERSAVE in ready mode only
  • Added support for sending LCD test command after configuration
  • Superuser can update USRID-16Wx loggers with locked configuration
  • Updated SDK with latest PDF text resources

Known Issue:

  • UTRED30-16, UTRED30-WIFI, UTREL30-16, UTREL-30-WIFI dual sensor models are not supported


  • Added support for LTI-HID and LTI-WIFI interface cradles
  • Support HASO-8 single use humidity logger
  • Support TREL30-16, ultra-low temperature display logger
  • Support UHADO-16 USB humidity logger with display
  • Support USRID-16 single use USB display logger
  • Support UTRED-16 external sensor USB display logger
  • Support UTRED30-WIFI external sensor USB display logger with WIFI
  • Support UTRED30-16 external sensor USB display logger
  • Added new TRID/TRED User resettable max/min display configuration
  • USB loggers always enable the “Prioritise download over file generation” option
  • USB loggers File settings dialog: Allow selection of PDF language, if supported. For UHADO, the language update is only supported via USB/HID connection.
  • USB loggers that support PDF language change now allow the User ID to contain Russian characters, if the PDF language is set to Russian. Characters will be displayed correctly in the logger-generated PDF file.
  • Multi-use loggers can have their calibration certificate date reset if they were used once for calibration. The new option “reset calibration date to 0 and trip number 1 to 0″ allows this
  • UTRID-16 lower temperature limit increased from -25 to -30 degC
  • TRID30-7R and TRED30-16R with firmware <= 5.13 and TRED <= 5.27 can no longer have the power save mode enabled. This works around the excessive clock drift issue reported in some specific circumstances.
  • Configure TRID/TRED/UTRID advanced dialog: Corrected storage of pause delay when changing from higher to lower number of pause logs
  • When configuring a TRED30-7R after a TRED30-16R, the number of readings to record is automatically adjusted to the maximum number supported. No warning will be displayed


  • Detect different logger types when USB loggers connected, display correct message
  • Disable multi-use controls for USRIC-16M and TRIL/SRIL
  • Show password dialog when UTRID/Multi-alarm USB LogTag profile with password edited or uploaded
  • Added indicator verification mode function (enabled by authorisation code flag)
  • Added UTRID quick start option (Advanced dialog)
  • Added support for USRIC-16M
  • Upload dialog: Added extra progress steps, so indicator readback check happens before 100%
  • Upgraded installer project to AI 14.0.1
  • Fixed bug in configuration dialog where iS0Tag log interval was incorrectly set to 1 minute by default
  • Corrected support for USRIC-16M, changed code to evaluate USB logger models
  • Demo indicator models (Product IDs 0x8A, 0x9A and 0x97) ignore the verification mode settings set in the Preset dialog and are re-configurable without limitations.
  • Demo indicator models: Added “DEMO” text to logger model, disable verification mode check box
  • Empty cradle timeout: Replaced “$1″ error message with “LogTag not found”
  • Indicator dialogs: Added “Profile” text when profile settings displayed (replaces “number of starts” text)
  • Hard coded sensor limits returned for TREL to default factory calibration min/max temperatures
  • Added register range 0xCC-0xCF to diagnostics file for firmware version 3 LogTags
  • TRIX/TREX: If “user cannot change password” flag set: Don’t allow removal of password flags through LTA (repeat upload of configuration with “Again” button in LTA)
  • Allow new firmware versions for A processors: USRIC-8, UTRIX-16: 6.2.x; USRIC8-M, USRIC16-M and UTRIX-16M: 6.6.x, UTRID: 7.1.x
  • Changed lower temperature limit for SRIC from -25 to -30 deg C
  • Added Indicator verification mode handling for TIC20, TICT and iS0Tag, corrected production block backup mechanism
  • Unscramble password from USB logger-generated .ltd file (LT Service)
  • SRIL/TRIL with firmware >=3.14 and UDATA_FORMAT version 2: Perform loaded battery test on ReadInfo, only when configuring logger
  • Support USRIC-16M (Product ID 0x1101)
  • Allow indicator format version 1 (indicator verification mode)

1.7 RELEASE 10

  • Update configuration profile file name in configure dialog edit field when creating new profile file
  • Removed link to firmware upgrade tools page, replaced with text to use firmware updater installed with LTA
  • User Server Logoff: Don’t delete signature array, as SDK logoff function already does this
  • Disable Options button while Loggers/interfaces are detected, and during configuration uploads
  • TRID/TRED/PTID configure dialog: Don’t automatically disable password controls, if password locked option set
  • TRID/TRED/PTID and UTRID configuration: Check if user has configured limited use and selected “Allow restart with START button”. Display warning message.
  • Enable help buttons in UTRID advanced dialog, TRID/TRED advanced dialog, main dialog
  • TIC advanced dialog: Increased height of temperature unit dropdown list area to always display complete list of entries
  • Detect Dialog: Added loop counter for “waiting for interface to be connected” loop to enable timeout after approx. 30 seconds
  • UTRID and Multi-alarm USB LogTag alarm dialogs: Restrict alert delay to 9999 readings, display error message if value out of range
  • UTRID alarms dialog: Hide unused alarm controls, instead of just disabling them, enable F1 context help (currently links to main configuration dialog)
  • UTRID configuration: Corrected handling of “allow re-start with START button” flag in SDK
  • Corrected check box text in USB logger configuration dialogs: “Clear and reset alarm when START/Mark button pressed” (previously “STOP/Clear button”)
  • UTRID configuration: Always set “show alarm tick/cross” flag
  • USB LogTag dialogs: Corrected alarm clear check box text (START button clears alarms)
  • Updated SDK (includes SRIC-4 ACT_DATE fix)
  • Merged multi-alarm dialogs with LTA 2.8 (added duplicate checks)
  • Removed duplicate entry from start method list (SRIC)
  • Added quick start/stop option to TRID/TRED advanced configuration dialog
  • Log file: Added multi-alarm logger support
  • Configuration log database: Added new table to database for multi-alarm logger information, added logging of iS0Tag configuration
  • Changed installer to Advanced Installer, added support for uninstallation of previous installer (created with InstallShield)
  • Installer supports OS newer than (and including) Windows 7
  • Multi-alarm loggers: Force alarm latch and disable check box, if alert delay configured
  • Added audible alarm support in TRED configuration dialog
  • TIC20 advanced options: Added “Always show both min/max in statistics view” option, if all connected TIC20 support it, or superuser
  • Updated iS0Tag operating life derating for alarm temperature/log interval combinations
  • Some corrections in UTRID and UTRID alarms dialog
  • Updated to SDK 2.8 to support UTRID and multi-alarm USB loggers
  • USB loggers: Added support for “use local PC time zone” and MSC holdoff (“Prioritise download over file generation”)
  • Added UTRID, UTRIX-16M and USRIC-8M support, including configuration profiles
  • Enable “Stop logging with STOP button” option for TICT, and TIC20 with SDK flag set (firmware bug fixed for A.20 firmware).
  • HAXO 2.2 (any format version) and HAXO 2.0 with format version 3: Enforce even seconds log interval

1.6 RELEASE 15

  • Advanced USB logger dialog: Handle firmware that doesn’t support 12-hour time format. Always show “advanced” controls, even if not all connected loggers support these, to allow profiles to contain advanced options.
  • Added firmware upgrade text and web link to upgrade tool download page, Detect dialog marks loggers that need upgrade with a “!”. No popup dialog is shown.
  • Allow multi-use configuration for USRIC DEMO (only if all connected loggers are DEMO USRIC). USRIC profiles always store single-use setting.
  • Corrected %s format text replacement (“LogTag ID”) in TRIL/SRIL dialog
  • Removed “Logo file prefix” text in advanced USB logger options dialog(not implemented yet), removed brackets in multi-line text
  • Corrected label serial number override when configuring multiple loggers at the same time
  • Added error message for HID interface (unsupported)
  • SDK: Added status read before readback check
  • Corrected %s text replacement in USRIC/UTRIX configuration dialog
  • Updated splash screen
  • Show “Advanced” dialog for USRIC-4, only enable “Stop on USB”
  • UTRIX: Added reseller code check for Preset (block changing lease control settings if previously configured with reseller code != 0)
  • Aded support for UTRIX-16 and USRIC-4 products

1.6 RELEASE 12

  • Added warning if USRIC firmware doesn’t support current configuration (profile or repeat configuration). Basic settings are still uploaded.
  • Re-designed Advanced USRIC dialog for csv/pdf options. Warning triangle is displayed if current settings are not supported for all connected USRICs
  • Added tooltips to upload dialog display list box
  • Changed display texts for upload success, errors and warnings
  • Highlight “Enable logging” checkbox when not checked
  • Added “Battery low” text and symbol in Detect dialog (instead of lock symbol)

1.6 RELEASE 11

  • Reworked repeat configuration option for USRIC, removed automatic “Next” in Detect dialog for USRIC
  • Added USRIC 6.1 advanced functions
  • Added separate option to enable/disable USB-HID comms, Comm port dialog now checks for at least one selected port option

1.6 RELEASE 10

  • Corrected TRIL repeat configuration
  • Added handling for format version 2 HAXO (download password)
  • Installer: Removed “Start Preset after installation complete” check box to avoid authorisation code file access problems

1.6 RELEASE 09

  • Updated SDK: Clear USRIC volatile “inhibit pdf creation” flag on re-configuration (set during re-calibration)
  • Updated SDK: Corrected indicator interface LED behaviour during configuration upload

1.6 RELEASE 08

  • iS0Tag: Store default value for MAX_STARTS (0 – no lease control) in profile

1.6 RELEASE 07

  • Re-enabled USRIC support
  • Re-worked TRIL dialog

1.6 RELEASE 06

  • Disabled USRIC support for this release only
  • USRIC advanced features: Now supports date and time formats, readings range selection and stop on USB configurable option
  • USRIC in bootloader mode: Added error message
  • Hide Standard 20 controls in TICT advanced dialog for all users
  • iS0Tag: Minimum log interval now 1 minute, display battery life warning if log interval < 5 minutes selected

1.6 RELEASE 05

  • Updated USRIC supported pdf generation features
  • USRIC: If Download password enabled, automatically disable file generation feature, and vice versa
  • USRIC: Only support ASCII character set for User ID and password (initial firmware version)
  • Corrected interface serial number display for USB loggers in Upload dialog

1.6 RELEASE 04

  • Added USRIC-8 support

1.6 RELEASE 03

  • Corrected typo that caused incorrect display of existing TICT settings

1.6 RELEASE 02

  • iS0Tag: Added dialog restrictions for normal users: Low Alarm always enabled, limit low alarm temperature to -5 deg C, Minimum 30 days recording, max. lower alert delay: 12 hours, max. upper alert delay: 45 days
  • iS0Tag: Improved parameter entry: Check input fields after user has finished typing, not during typing
  • Installer: Included new driver version 2.10.00 for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2008 R2

1.6 RELEASE 01

  • Added iS0Tag support

1.5 RELEASE 22

  • All non-WHO indicators can be reconfigured
  • Text to warn user that profile number won’t be displayed if profile is not saved is now only shown for TIC20, not TICT
  • Removed “Enable stop with “Stop” button” check box, until TIC20/TICT firmware fixed

1.5 RELEASE 21

  • Added time delay before readback check for TRIL/SRIL configured for pre-start
  • Corrected bug where User info was overwritten in dialog field if it contained characters in a different code page from selected configuration profile
  • SDK now supports format version 2 TRIL/SRIL (new battery)
  • Included Standard 20 flags for TIC20/TICT
  • Changed dialog text to reflect profile only settings in TIC dialog (product ID, restart flag)
  • Support for Demo TIC20/TICT, set restart flag in SDK
  • Changed default DACONTROL1 and 2 settings for TIC20 (enable inclusive alarms, disable alarm icon)

1.5 RELEASE 17

  • SDK: Clear re-calibrated flag during TRID30-7FW reconfiguration
  • Fixed crash on exit configure dialog
  • Corrected alert value boundary check
  • Added function to reset factory pre-configured TICT to “unconfigured” state
  • TRID30-7FW: Allow format version update of format version < 2 and limited re-configuration
  • TIC20/TICT: Reject low battery loggers

1.5 RELEASE 14

  • Max. start delay for TICT is 255

1.5 RELEASE 12

  • TIC profile number stored uses correct profile index
  • Code page support for profile name, changed profile name storage to Unicode
  • Readback check: Convert User info and password to composite characters for comparison

1.5 RELEASE 10

  • SDK update
  • Corrected log file selection dialog
  • Corrected log file entries for TIC20/TICT
  • Corrected thread close after “different interface types” message
  • Detect logger in cradle aborts after 20 empty cradle cycles

1.5 RELEASE 09

  • Removed Fahrenheit warning message for TIC20
  • Added extra checks in TIC configuration process: Check logger configurable in SetInfoTIC(), additional serial number checks between individual upload steps
  • If logger not configurable, abort detect thread, user needs to click “Again” to re-read

1.5 RELEASE 08

  • Running loggers are no longer stopped if swapped with a configurable logger during upload.
  • Warning message displayed if different interface types are connected

1.5 RELEASE 07

  • Added database logging for TIC20/TICT into separate table, changed column names to FullResolutionAlarm, FullResolutionDisplay
  • Users can store selected profile number and enable profile display for TIC20 firmware >= 9.1
  • Installer: Included driver version 2.8.28, help file and pdf User Guide
  • Removed User Server options
  • Activated context sensitive help
  • Corrected Unicode related bug in “Request Help” function

1.5 RELEASE 06

  • Swapped TIC default alarm settings for LT1 and LT2
  • Corrected bug in TIC/TICT profile update mechanism
  • Added Unicode handling for Authorisation code edit fields

1.5 RELEASE 05

  • Added warning when uploading profile settings for different TIC/TICT product ID from cradled logger

1.5 RELEASE 04

  • Corrected crash after saving profile

1.5 RELEASE 03

  • SDK: Added retry mechanism for TIC upload, plus additional checks for different logger

1.5 RELEASE 02

  • TICT: Hard-code alarm direction for upper and lower alarms
  • Re-instated TRID battery ok/low display
  • Corrected SRIC configuration bug (1.5.01) that overwrote Product ID instead of MAX_USE

1.5 RELEASE 01

  • Compiled with Unicode encoding
  • Added code page support for user info and password
  • Added product support for TIC20 and TICT
  • New profile file version includes code page support

1.4 RELEASE 36

  • Installer: Updated USB driver to 2.08.24

1.4 RELEASE 35

  • Merged R_BADMSG handling from SDK 2.3

1.4 RELEASE 34

  • Allow alert values to be within calibration table boundaries, not “advertised” sensor limits

1.4 RELEASE 33

  • corrected issue with SRIC extra calibration trip

1.4 RELEASE 32

  • added support for TRID/TRED loggers and profiles
  • added support for re-calibrated TRID/TRED
  • corrected SRIC battery display issue
  • corrected SRIC push button start from hibernation bug
  • Profiles are now always saved in user’s documents\LogTag Configuration Profiles folder
  • various bug fixes
  • improved communication reliability

1.4 RELEASE 20

  • added support for TRIX/TREX/TREL download password
  • corrected buggy limited use calibration allowance
  • corrected a number of profile related bugs
  • improved communication reliability

1.4 RELEASE 12

  • Upgraded to use 1.9 LogTagIO dll
  • Readback check ignores number of starts remaining, as this is increased by one to allow for extra start (SRIx/TRIL)
  • Profile mechanism now available in normal Release version

SDK 1.9R3 (28.5.2009)

  • Configuration of SRIx/TRIL through Preset: Reset starts-base from 0 to 1 for limited use logger with Tripnum > 0 to allow one extra configuration/start (for calibration test purposes)

1.4 RELEASE 11

  • added support for new products (SRIC 3.1, SRIL, TRIL, TREL)
  • added Push button Start from hibernation for SRIC 3.1
  • added checkback functionality
  • Further Improved Stability on USB interface detection mechanisms


  • Introduced Database logging capability
  • Removed “battery low” warnings during configuration (now available in summary screen)
  • Improved Stability on USB interface detection mechanisms


  • SDK: More fault tolerance while detecting USB ports
  • Text next to alert delay count is updated when checkbox clicked
  • wMaxConsecutiveAlertDelay set to 256, not 255 for TRIX/TREX/SRIC


  • Fixed bugs with handling multiple interfaces


  • Updated to support SRIC-4
  • corrected a number of minor bugs
  • correctly handles revised channel_id arrangements
  • uses new 1.6 DLL.

1.1 RELEASE 13

  • Correctly blocks limited use or multiuse configurations for non matching CHANNEL_ID and authorisation IDs.

KNOWN ISSUE with 1.1r13: Application hangs if started without an interface cradle being plugged into computer Solution : always make sure an interface is plugged into computer before running Preset


  • Single Use configuration changed to “Limited use configuration”
  • improved application stability

1.1 RELEASE 11

  • Resolved issues with Single/Multiuse lockouts

1.1 RELEASE 10

  • Resolved issue of descriptions and passwords being truncated when the fields contain characters beyond the english alpha numeric range, for example the character “é”.
  • Resolved crash when pressing back while configuring a HAXO
  • Log File correctly includes all new configuration details.


  • When configuring multiple loggers at same time, and the LogTag Id option is set to existing/default, then the contents of the LogTag Id field will not updated.
  • When configuring multiple loggers, PCB ID will be shown as a combobox rather than an edit control, with the PCB ID of each LogTag being configure included in the list. The contents of this list is for information only and therefore the currently selected item in this list will have no effect on what is included in the updated configuration settings uploaded to the LogTag.
  • When configuring multiple loggers, and the “Batch Mode” user option has been set to “User default/existing serial number” then the contents of the “LogTag Id” will include the “LogTag Id” of each attached LogTag being configured. When the LogTag Id is being shown as a list it is for information only and therefore the currently selected item in this list will have no effect on what is included in the updated configuration settings uploaded to the LogTag. If the “Batch Mode” user option has been set to “Override serial number sequence” the contents of the LogTag Id field will become changable and the contents thereof will included in each LogTag being configured.
  • Support for the appearance of WindowsXP common controls for when the software is being used on WindowXP or later has been enabled.


  • Additional control in “Options” to determine behaviour of “LogTag ID” when programming a sequence of loggers.
  • The “Again” button on the upload screen works successfully again.
  • The “automatic repeat” option on the upload screen is enabled when appropriate, which is when the “LogTag ID” of sequential loggers will be remain unique. That is, when configured to use existing/default logtag id and/or the configuration is set to use the default LogTag ID. The default LogTag ID is the PCBA serial number
  • Resolves crash when programming a sequence of a HAXO logger.


  • corrects issue when configuring multiple TRIX-8 loggers in sequence, the alert values for subsequent loggers are rounded to whole degree values.


  • corrects issue with factory barcoded TRIX-8 not being accessible for single user configuration


  • Supports HAXO-8
  • Supports optional logging of loggers configured (in a tab text file)

1.0 RELEASE 17

  • corrects bug in 1.0r16 where password was not being correctly stored in LogTag if configured
  • NOTE !!!! LogTags configured with this version of Preset will only be accessible by LogTag Analyser versions 1.2.22 or later