Automatic download, upload and reconfigure upon cradling for any LogTag model.

Automatically upload via FTP or email files upon download.

Export from multiple customisable file types including LTD, PDF and CSV.

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FDA 21 CFR Part 11

LogTag® Xpress is a sophisticated alternative to the powerful LogTag® Analyzer software. With a stripped-down feature set, LogTag® Xpress focuses on efficiently configuring and downloading the complete range of LogTag® data logging products, with as little user interaction as possible.

LogTag® Xpress runs in the background and monitors all LogTag® interfaces connected to a computer. If a LogTag® logger is inserted into one of the interfaces, the data stored in the logger are automatically downloaded, evaluated and optionally stored, sent via email or uploaded to FTP in a number of different formats. Clear on-screen messages warn the user of any excursions that may have occurred. The LogTag® logger is then automatically re-configured for the next trip.

You can use this program to quickly and efficiently arrange data to be downloaded, assessed and transferred to other information stakeholders, and to automatically re-configure the logger with little or no user input. LogTag® Xpress is ideally suited to applications such as vaccine refrigerator monitoring which may require regular (eg weekly) data download, and rapid re-deployment of the logger for further data collection.