LogTag® Online Terms of Use Change History

Occasionally, we need to change or improve the way we make LogTag® Online available to you, or update administrative details of our Terms. Below is a list of changes and clarifications to our Terms of Use, and the date these became effective.

JULY 18, 2022

  • We added a reference to the third-party open-source licenses used by our mobile apps.
You can access the previous policy from here.

MARCH 7, 2022

  • We added term definitions for the new features now available in LogTag Online.
  • We clarified who can view logger related data in the Logger Transit Data portal and the mechanisms we have put in place that allow you to keep device data confidential.
  • We added another third-party provider, mapbox, Inc, relevant to the provision of mapping services.
You can access the previous policy from here.

JULY 19, 2021

  • We amended the website and email addresses to also include https://logtag.com and support@logtag.com.
You can access the previous policy from here.

JUNE 15, 2021

  • We added the LogTag® Online App as client software.
  • We added missing terminology used in the document.
  • We moved a small number of privacy related issues into the Privacy Policy.
  • We clarified the sharing of data requested by government agencies and research institutes.
  • We amended the provision and use of some free add-on services, such as WhatsApp and carrier SMS gateways.
  • We amended the company name to reflect the new company structure.
  • We added several references to US Law.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2020

  • Initial Policy Release