(22. NOVEMBER 2022)

New Features:

  • Added option in installer to confirm default settings for start application after windows start

Bug Fixes:

  • Do not try to reconfigure logger with limited starts if by default logger should be reconfigured after download
  • Corrected Spanish translation
  • Updated automatic software update check



(30. JUNE 2022)

New Features:

  • Added support for LogTag Online with Transport Layer Security (TLS)1.2 enabled.
  • Added option in installer to confirm default upload files to LogTag Online.

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated default email server settings allow to resend emails without user account specified.
  • Added multiple improvement to retry upload files to LogTag Online, reduce retry timeout.
  • Updated automatic software update check.



(18. OCTOBER 2019)

New Features:

  • Added support for UHADO-16, USRID-16 and HASO-8.
  • Added Spanish language support.
  • Added default email settings to make sending emails easier (no need to set up an email client).
  • New automatic software update check and seamless installation of new software version.
  • New feature that enables automatic upload of password-protected LogTags.
  • Added file upload to LogTag Online.
  • Added file upload success and connection error messages to Activity log.

Bug Fixes:

  • Store pending uploads between sessions.
  • Extended lower temperature limit for USRIC-8, USRIC-16 and UTRIX-16 alarm settings in profiles from -25°C to -30°C.
  • Changed application theme to match LogTag Analyzer.
  • Corrected consecutive alarms for TRID30/TRED30.



(26. MARCH 2019)

  • Added support for TREL30-16, UTRED30-16 and UTRED30-WIFI.
  • Added “Push button start from hibernation” start method for USRIC-4.
  • Added support for LTI-HID, LTI-WIFI and LTI-WM-WIFI interfaces.
  • Make it more obvious Xpress is running. The activity window is always shown on startup, and a notification displayed when closing the window.
  • LT Xpress will auto release interfaces if it detects LogTag Analyzer running to prevent conflicts.
  • Added support for SFTP and GMail OAuth2 protocols.
  • Improved PDF reports to include more information.



(17. NOVEMBER 2017)

  • Added Russian and German translations.
  • Performs loaded battery test on TRIL-8, SRIL-8 to confirm battery is OK for low temperatures.
  • Bug fix for not being able to save new profiles for large memory loggers when greater than 8000 readings set.
  • Added Charts to PDF reports.
  • Merged UTRIX-16 and UTRIX-16M profiles into just UTRIX-16.
  • Updated minimum between upper and lower alarms to be 0.1 degree instead of 1 degree.
  • Opens file folder if application for LTD and/or PDF file is not installed and button clicked.
  • Fix for File Controls in UTRID, allow temp unit set even when not generating file.
  • Fix for TRED30-16R beeper issues.
  • Several minor changes to ensure file compatibility with LTA 2.x.
  • Fixed reports to always display logo, even if logo file not present and can’t be created.


1.0 RELEASE 24

(15. MAY 2017)

  • Fixed bug where interfaces were not being released upon close of Xpress.
  • Display password if Config password is present and auto-config is enabled.
  • Support for USRIC-16M.


1.0 RELEASE 23

(27. APRIL 2017)

  • Updated some minor control logic for USB LogTag file generation controls.
  • Added UTRIX-16M, USRIC-8M and UTRID-16 download and configuration support.
  • Added UTRIX-16M, USRIC-8M and UTRID-16 support to file exports for LTDs, PDFs and CSVs.
  • Added ability to create UTRIX-16M, USRIC-8M and UTRID-16 profiles.
  • Added additional controls to the CSV Export functionality (separator, file extension).
  • Removed TRID30-16R entry in profiles (now fully supported in the regular TRID_TRED profile).
  • Modified body text in Xpress automated emails.
  • Fixed download bug with USB LogTags where a download could sometimes cause the program to stop responding.