Release Notes For LogTag® Analyzer 3


  • Added optional firmware updates
  • Correct non-validated readings show for TRIX-8 in rare case


  • Updated with new calibration certificate format
  • Added support for vaxtag+
  • Added support for TRED30-16CP and CP110
  • Allowed to navigate to product user guide from configuration dialog
  • Added recover USB logger from bootloader mode if possible
  • Added recover USB logger if firmware update was interrupted and logger is corrupted
  • Added optional firmware updates
  • Added register device to LTO on configuration, new menu settings not selected by default
  • Added Conditional Filename tag based on Alarm Status
  • Disabled “Save As” menu item based on User Server account permissions: “Change default file settings” and “Change exports and reports settings” should be disabled
  • Added MKT to multi-chart report
  • Added warning if SSID is not configured for wifi devices
  • Fix date separator missed in language resources
  • Stopped dual-channel logger download results in inconsistent .ltdx “Copy ..” file names
  • Do not generate empty page in LTA3 generated logger PDF
  • Fixed zoom to download marks from chart context menu
  • Corrected cut off text symbols in Chinese PDF report


  • Added support for CP100 smart probe when used with UTRED30-16 (firmware upgrade is required)
  • Added label on configuration dialog if logger can support smart probe
  • Improve saving calibration certificates if configure multiple loggers
  • Add warning if print multiple loggers with high resolution images
  • Improve handling for detecting write failures to non-existing storage locations
  • Corrected location of saved calibration certificate for smart probe
  • Corrected configuration of password protected logger when battery is low
  • CSV export is updated to match Florida Shots format if prestart and started readings
  • Corrected alarm handling of disabled alarm when configured with LTA2
  • TREL-8: Corrected alarm handling for edge cases to match firmware
  • Korean language is not supported in Export to PDF, print to PDF should be used if the report has unsupported characters
  • Calibration certificate for smart probe can’t be retrieved after configuration if prestart logs are enabled, available only after first reading recorded.


  • Added support for CP100 smart probes when used with UTRED30-XX dual-channel
  • Amended calibration certificate text to include production locations
  • UTRID-16, UTRED-16, USRID-16 configurable: Automatically enable quickstart option
  • Added Min/Max reset configuration option for UTRID-16
  • Added UTC time zone information to digital signature events info in Report
  • Extended latest date of calibration certificate from 18 months to 36 months from PCBA date for temperature loggers
  • Minor memory corruptions (not affecting calibration) are ignored during configuration
  • Added check on memory backup/restore if logger was removed before backup complete
  • TRID/TRED/TREL memory corruption now also repaired in Wizard
  • File name with wildcards: Insert LogTag ID, not PCB serial number when using wildcard %ID in filename
  • Removed incorrect configuration warning (Min/Max reset not supported warning for TRID30-7F)
  • Clear hibernate flag on TRID/TRED/TREL configuration
  • Retain LogTag ID when hibernating USRIC-4P
  • Korean language is not supported in Export to PDF, print to PDF should be used if the report has unsupported characters
  • Calibration certificate for smart probe can’t be retrieved after configuration if prestart logs are enabled, available only after first reading recorded.


  • Added support for new LogTag model UTRED30-WIFI (dual sensor)
  • Added support for new LogTag model USRID-16W
  • Introduced new memory recover/restore mechanism for TRID, TRED and TREL models with replaceable battery
  • Added Turkish language support
  • Added settings transfer from a previous LogTag Analyzer version 2 on a first-time installation
  • Added MKT unit to UTRIX/USRIC report
  • Corrected display unit for humidity standard deviation in HAXO-8 report
  • Corrected parameter update on hibernation for USB LogTags
  • Added new version Connection Wizard with improvements
  • Korean language is not supported in Export to PDF, print to PDF should be used if the report has unsupported characters


3.1 RELEASE 16

  • Enable pre-start logging on configuration for hibernated non-USB loggers: TRIX-8, TRIX-16, TREX-8, SRIC-4, SRIL-8, TRIL-8, TREL-8,
    TRID30-7, TRED30-16R, TREL30-16, HASO-8, HAXO-8


3.1 RELEASE 15

  • Added support for new dual-sensor UTRED30 LogTag models
  • Implemented automatic saving of calibration certificates on LogTag configuration
  • Allow show certificates for logger after it was expired
  • Added multi chart statistics to Report
  • Improved feature to update selected LogTag models during configuration
  • Added options “Block configuration of low battery loggers” and “Check for download firmware updates” to settings import/export.
  • Improved Chart image sizing in Report tab for high-definition monitors
  • LogTag Online Connection Wizard now sets the date of first configuration required to generate the calibration certificate
  • Added sender name to test email and file upload email
  • Added missing event symbols and legend back into PDF data list
  • Update displayed values based on dialog selections when opening Configuration dialog the second/subsequent time
  • USB PDF LogTag statistics Trigger time: Show timestamp of first alarm trigger, not last
  • Low-temperature LogTags: Allow alarm limits below -100F
  • When configuring loggers for a Date/Time start, the suggested time is now close to the configuration time
  • Improved dialog display on Korean Windows systems
  • Correct beeper configuration for dual-sensor UTRED30
  • Correct summary statistic export for dual-sensor UTRED30
  • Prevent logger corruption when configure with long description
  • Set log size correctly when download HAXO-8/HASO-8
  • Korean language is not supported in Export to PDF, print to PDF should be used if the report has unsupported characters


3.1 RELEASE 11

  • Added support for new low-temperature LogTag models: UTREL-16, UTREL30-16 and UTREL30-WIFI
  • TREL-8 and TREL30-16 now support temperatures as low as -90°C
  • Improved dialog display on some Windows systems
  • Corrected problem with opening older multi chart files
  • Re-enabled power save option for all TRID/TRED models that support this function
  • Display day summary for TIC20 and TICT
  • Updated default file name for Chinese and Japanese languages

3.1 RELEASE 10

  • Added option to upgrade USB logger firmware from the internet
  • Included language support for Italian
  • TRID/TRED power save option is available from profiles
  • Improved integration with LogTag Online (added support for new LogTag Online location export file format)
  • Added temperature unit selection to installer for new installations
  • Min/max reset legend shown for all loggers that support it
  • Added more information to Chart and data/summary tab printed Report (page number, file location)
  • Added statistics for each logger to multi chart Report
  • Added digital signature event information to Report events tables (Report tab and pdf export)
  • Always show/print preview calibration certificate in portrait mode, regardless of user’s page setup
  • Improved page break handling in multi-page reports
  • Updated PDF generation to always generate file in roaming directory
  • Hide Fahrenheit temperature unit based on Windows location (Japan)
  • Select display/pdf temperature unit from General Settings when creating a new profile and when configuring a new logger for the first time
  • Added warning when Windows Region doesn’t support am/pm time format and an am/pm time format is selected in Options-Date and Time or Customised CSV export.
  • Disable menu items and settings pages to prevent both LogTag Online and User Server logons at the same time
  • Improved download error message, now includes FAQ link
  • Added FAQ help link to Calibration Certificate button
  • Improved error message on User Server settings import without administrator rights
  • Improved handling of long User ID when re-configuring USB LogTags
  • Improvements to program stability and performance
  • Use alternative, writeable folder (roaming folder) for Report logo if default templates folder is read-only
  • Apply default time interval setting to data tab and Report chart
  • Updated .NET version to 4.7.2
  • Correct scaling for printing out if Windows Display Scaling size is not 100%
  • Changed Report font for PDF export for Chinese and Japanese to correctly display content (incl. receiver notes)
  • Zoom data tab and Report chart image to default time interval selected in Settings on file open
  • Added handling to allow reserved characters in User ID, file and folder names in Reports
  • Added handling for inaccessible templates path (original installation path not writeable for current user)
  • Removed incorrect battery low message when downloading a logger that has no readings
  • Convert average temperature to display unit in Multi chart Report
  • Corrected User Server message format for configure and download events
  • Stricter enforcement of User Server restrictions on file drag/drop and automatic download
  • Restricted max. readings in new HAXO-8 profile to 8003
  • Correctly read the download Date and Time of LTI-WIFI generated files
  • Allow to configure devices via LTI-WM-WiFi cradle


  •  Added support for a new logger model, UTRED-16
  • Added dew point display for humidity data loggers
  • Log Interval and Start Delay can now be entered the same way as LogTag® Analyzer 2
  • Allow upper and lower alarms to be configured separately for HAXO-8, SRIL/TRIL, TREL, TREX
  • Added export to MS-Excel XLS file for single and multichart
  • Allow switching off humidity and temperature separately on multi charts
  • Added options to automatically zoom opened charts from last download mark to end, or from last inspection mark to end
  • Added support for PDF language selection for USB PDF Loggers models that support this option
  • Allow profile configuration of UTRED30-WIFI without updating current WiFi settings
  • Added Portuguese language support
  • Add new simplified version of Connection Wizard and allow to configure WiFi network credentials from configuration dialog for UTRED30-WIFI
  • Windows quick search will now find the Analyzer3 shortcut when searching for ‘LogTag’
  • Annotations can now be dragged outside the bounds of a chart
  • An LTO password is not stored when “Remember password” is not selected
  • Corrected time zone display in text-based file exports to match Analyzer display time zone settings
  • UTRED30-WIFI: Allow storage of SSID when Wifi password empty
  • Replace unsupported characters in .ltd file name, before saving the file
  • Use number format from Windows regional settings for new profile dialog
  • Display re-calibrated readings markers for USRIC-4
  • Improved application memory management to prevent “Out of memory” errors
  • Corrected HAXO-8 extra reading presented for specific logger configuration
  • Handle expired User Server password, implemented User Server password rules
  • Printing out can be scaled incorrect if Windows Display Scaling size is not 100%


  •  Corrected TRID/TRED consecutive alarm statistics calculation
  • Digital Signature can be saved now for ltd file
  • Allow auto-export for text files when export in .CSV not enabled
  • Corrected view of humidity readings when humidity value match temperature upper limit and had > symbol
  •  Printing out can be scaled incorrect if Windows Display Scaling size is not 100%



  •  USRID-16: Added support for the new data loggers
  • Added Japanese and Chinese (simplified) language support
  • Added user option to always block configuration of LogTags with low battery
  • Added option to customise the date format for csv file exports
  • Added display of Min/Max Reset markers to Multi Chart legend
  • Adjusted logger specification lower limit for UTRIX-16, USRIC-8 and USRIC-16 LogTags manufactured after 1.1.2019
  • Improved user experience when downloading a corrupted or unsupported logger, or opening a corrupted file
  • Improved chart scaling for HAXO-8, HASO-8 and UHADO-8 loggers
  • Application can now be run with Windows FIPS Mode enabled
  • Corrected application of “Default time interval to display” setting when opening a data file
  • Aligned display of USRIC-4P readings with LogTag Analyzer version 2.9
  • Corrected display of previously configured Date/Time start time for non-USB loggers
  • Corrected problem with data files downloaded via HID or WIFI interfaces when stored in Multi Chart file
  • Added Summary statistics settings to text export function.
  • When automatically generating export files, CSV format must be enabled in the ‘Exports & Reports’ Options setting for other txt formats to be generated
  • Printing out can be scaled incorrect if Windows Display Scaling size is not 100%



  • UHADO-16 / HASO-8: Added support for the new data loggers.
  • LogTag Online: Integrated LogTag Online functionality with Analyzer. Integrated ability to Register, upload, and view data from supported logger with the LogTag cloud.
  •  All Loggers (except Vaxtag): Added option to view and print a calibration certificate for loggers manufactured after April 2019. Available as a button from the logger configuration window, or the Report tab when viewing a file or downloaded logger.
  • All Loggers: In File – Properties, corrected the “Data originally acquired” field. In some cases this could use the wrong time zone.
  • All USB Loggers: Improved robustness to recover from logger memory corruption. There will be fewer instances of corrupt calibration errors.
  • All USB Loggers: Allow unicode characters in USB/PDF logger description field to allow localized content (Note: Unicode characters are not currently supported by USB logger firmware, so PDF files generated may contain unrecognizable characters).
  • USRIC-4 (firmware version 4.02.01 or earlier): Add “push button start from hibernation” start mode to allow start delay to be configured and used. Use this mode instead of standard push button start, as this firmware may start immediately even if start delay is configured in standard push button start mode.
  • USRIC-4 (firmware version 4.02.01 or earlier): When start delay is configured, automatically set to “Push button start from hibernation” and disable pre-start logging. This works around an issue in these firmware versions. Corrected in later USRIC-4 firmware versions.
  • USRIC/UTRIX/UTRID: Corrected statistics for zoomed values for USB multi-alarm loggers.
  • TRIL/SRIL/TREL: These loggers can no longer be configured together or with each others profiles. This avoids unexpected results during configuration.
  • TRID/TRED: Upper and lower alarm thresholds now use more accurate values. This prevents readings reported as acceptable to trigger an alarm and vice versa.
  • HAXO-8: Corrected behaviour where in rare circumstances an extra fictitious reading would be shown.
  • Several improvements to File-Open and File-Save behaviour where a non-existent or invalid file path is used.
  • Use correct decimal place symbol throughout LogTag Analyzer (e.g. comma ‘,’ or period ‘.’) as defined by the local PC region settings, including for the exported files (CSV, HTML etc…).
  • All USB Loggers: The brand name displayed on the on-board PDF report and in the file names is now as intended.



  • Added Data view for Multi-Charts with up to 10 files.
  • Added French Language for selection.
  • A configuration profile issue for USRIC-4 loggers has been resolved.
  • Corrected the number of starts displayed in Report for multi-use loggers.
  • Aligned data list display of alarm readings with LogTag® Analyzer version 2.
  • Corrected chart display of sensor disconnected readings for TREX-8 and TREL-8 loggers to match the display of LogTag® Analyzer version 2.
  • Updated the Set Timezone method for Vaxtag® loggers.
  • Corrected various issues when importing and exporting option settings.
  • Aligned HAXO-8 low battery display with LogTag® Analyzer version 2.


  •  Load battery test during ambient temperature has been changed to allow TRIL configuration.


  • This release corrects an issue where, in some cases, temperature loggers that were adjusted using LogTag Calibrate showed incorrect values near both ends of the product’s temperature range.


  •  Corrected download push button start with no start delay configuration Update imported profiles to show correct start delay in edit profile dialog. Corrected issue with temporary files that caused non-admin user being unable to open .ltd files with Explorer double-click.


  •  Added support for new products TREL30-16, UTRED30-WIFI and UTRED30-16
  • Added SFTP protocol for file upload
  • Sending emails: Added support for Office365 mail servers
  • Added support for user resettable Min/Max, including chart displays and Report Event info
  • Added information about unsupported configuration settings when using configuration profiles or configuring multiple LogTags together
  • Improved Hibernate function
  • Improved display markers for re-calibrated readings for USB-LogTags
  • USB LogTags: Configuration now always enables the “Prioritise download over file generation”
  • HAXO chart: Show correct x-axis labels for humidity chart when temperature chart is disabled
  • Re-set HAXO re-calibrated markers on configuration
  • Improved options import/export
  • Improved Report and PDF Report layout for languages German, Spanish and Russian
  • Improved PDF export: Removed empty pages, improved receiver notes, page number positions
  • Improved display of sensor disconnected readings in file exports
  • Corrected diagnostics email settings that lead to rejection of support emails sent from Gmail accounts
  • Improved handling of page margin units in Page Setup dialog
  • Corrected “Push button start from Hibernation” setting in profile
  • Corrected total log duration calculation in Configuration Log
  • Corrected Auto-download button behaviour according to configuration
  • Improved overall stability of the application
  • Fixed program freezing issue with Analyzer when a computer exited sleep mode
  • Themes are no longer supported
  • Fixed a bug with the 3.0r8 installer where additional user accounts are prompted to run the installer again to verify files.


  •  Fixed a bug with the 3.0r8 installer where additional user accounts are prompted to run the installer again to verify files.


  •  Fixed bug where beeper was incorrectly shown when creating USB logger profiles.
  • Added apply zoom to all charts feature when Manually Scaling.
  • Improved diagnostic email system to still allow sending if no mail client is available on PC.
  • Added shift chart functionality in Multi-Chart.
  • Profiles now handle new lower limits for SRIC-4 and UTRID-16 products.
  • Changed minimum alarm separation between Upper and Lower alarms from 1 degree to 0.1 degree.
  • UTRIX-16 and UTRIX-16M configuration has been merged to allow both to be configured at the same time.
  • USRIC-8 and USRIC-8M configuration has been merged to allow both to be configured at the same time.
  • Average chart is now regenerated when a range change occurs.
  • Added Fast Start configuration for loggers which support it.
  • Added native support for Gmail in SMTP server settings.
  • Upgraded to .NET version 4.6.1 to support Gmail.
  • Added support for the up and coming HID Interfaces.
  • Fixed bug with profiles where the number of readings were limited for TRED-16, USRIC-16 and TRIX-16.
  • Fixed bug when creating reports that the Chart Image was sometimes not displayed.
  • Fixed bug where printing sometimes created reports without charts.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes files would not open due a perceived file permissions error.
  • Fixed bug where Chart Range Select control was enabled when in Average Chart Mode.
  • Fixed bug where the path in the folder starting with ‘\\’ was being converted to ‘\’ when the folder was saved.
  • Enabled saving Multi Chart files containing .sltd files
  • No correctly disables annotate chart mode when leaving a Multi Chart tab.
  • Corrected a crash when prompting for logger password during configuration with profile.
  • Profile name changes are now saved.
  • Fixed a bug when trying to save files without extensions crashed Analyzer.
  • Fixed not being able to set a Download Password for the UTRID-16 LogTag.
  • Corrected bug where default document display settings for zooming to Marks was displaying inconsistent charts.
  • Corrected bug where download mark on last reading and default display set to last mark last reading would sometimes crash analyzer.
  • Fixed showing marks on the latest model TRED30-16R graphs.
SDK 3.0.8:
  •  Support for Check digits in Interfaces and products with serial numbers that start with an alpha character.
  • Increased accuracy Battery Test implemented for SRIL-8 and TRIL-8 products.
  • Fixed bug where trying to configure a newer TRIL/SRIL would cause an comms error to be returned.
  • Added support for the up and coming HID Interface.
  • UTRIX-16M and USRIC-8M with firmware versions >= 6.6.1 now return logger model name without “M”.
  • Fix to correctly set older HAXO firmware Humidity alarm alert values which were causing incorrect red LED behavior.
  • Updated NextStart date/time member of ProductInfo for USB loggers to be in Configure Timezone and not UTC.
  • Fixed bug where clock change flag was not being set in the reading when found (TRID/TRED).
  • Added a wait for user server reply when user server is running on the local PC.



  •  Fixed bug where Range Selection was re-enabled after the tab was changed even when there were only started or pre-start readings.
  • Fixed bug with some files being generated were incompatible with LTA 2.x
  • Fixed zooming bug when less than 2 started or 2 pre-start readings and changing chart range.
  • Fixed bug when displaying a multi-chart report with some series turned off the chart image would not be generated.
  • Corrected Alignment issues, Chart and Chart Menu display with non-English languages.
  • fixed functionality for ‘Reset all documents to selected options’ in Options -> Charts when the checkbox is not checked.
  • Fixes to Report to ensure all DateTimes using settings from Options -> Date and Time.
  • Fixes to Report where the logo image was sometimes not displayed.
  • Fixed Email validation, where sometimes recipient email addresses were not being correctly validated
  • Fixed bug where adding a new window before saving a multi-chart could cause a crash.
SDK 3.0.7:
  •  SDK change for TRED30-16R configuration: Clear beeper status on configuration for firmware version 5.2x



    • Changed the main menu to truncate long foreign words in order to avoid Icon buttons growing too large
    • Fixed Report to cater for long translated terms.
    • Fixed Multi-Chart Report Start and Finish times.
    • Fixed Rendering for non validated series under certain conditions.
    • Added Help file topic links and F1 support to the various forms
    • Added TRED30-16R support to TRID_TRED profiles.
    • Save file open path when opening documents so is not lost on Analyzer close.
    • Added specific readings compare for stopped loggers download so support auto-saving re-calibrated loggers.
    • Fixed profiles so alarm temperatures are converted between different Temperature ranges.
    • Added Max readings option to profiles.
    • Fixed bug where email generated by clicking SendMail did not wait for PDF generation to complete if the file was not already present.
    • Fixed Bug where Saving a document over another document that was currently open could cause Analyzer to crash.
    • Fixed scaling bug with Chart when disconnected readings are present.
    • Fixed bug where reading marks where being shown on Invalid readings.
    • Fixed bug where Windows List Separator for csv export was actually using selected language List Separator.
    • Fixed bug where font styles were not being displayed in the annotations dialog.
    • Fixed bug where email generated by clicking SendMail did not wait for PDF generation to complete if the file was not already present.
    • Fixed download bug with USB LogTags where a download could sometimes cause the program to stop responding.
    • Fixed download bug where a file would be displayed automatically even if the option was not selected, if no new file was being created.
    • Added Manual Scaling by Index to Chart Manual Scaling.
    • Added Print All functionality
SDK 3.0.6:
  • Fixed bug where Calibration Checksum was not recalculated after clearing the re-calibrated readings flag on configure.
  • Added fall-back to Start Log Time when Last Log time is corrupted for USB products.
  • Added support for new version USRIC-4.
  • Added support for LogTag Wifi Interface generated ltd files.
  • Added Tadiran loaded battery test support on device Configuration.
  • Updated HAXO 2.2 battery voltage calculation to provide actual voltage instead of pass/fail
  • Added fix for Hibernating USB products with DateTime start, sets to Push Button Start
  • Added Support for USRIC-16



    • Added Support for UTRID-16, UTRIX-16M, and USRIC-8M LogTags.
    • Added Support for the TRID30-16R.
    • Added profile support for new products.
    • Added viewing of, and configuring with, ReadOnly profiles.
    • Added Russian, German and Spanish Language Support.
    • Added Prioritize Download option to the configuration of USB LogTags.
    • Added support for pdf timezone display for USB pdf LogTags.
    • Added additional warning messages and increased error message support.
    • Increased performance for rendering charts with many readings in Single Chart mode.
    • Better Support for Windows scaling for high resolution displays.
    • Fixed several bugs to do with creating, editing and applying profiles.
    • Updated the wizards to use progress bars.
    • Fixed several bugs which could cause Analyzer to crash under unusual circumstances.
    • Fixed USB LogTags communications on Windows 10.
    • Modified various dialogs so they remain on top until actioned.
    • Fixed some bugs in statistics generation for several unusual circumstances.
    • Fixed Alarm state for reports with zoomed readings to only calculate state off the zoomed readings.
SDK 3.0.5:
  • Added Support for UTRID-16, UTRIX-16M, and USRIC-8M LogTags.
  • Added Support for the TRID30-16R.



  • Added Configuration Profiles, creation, import, export and read-only.
  • Added Configure LogTags from Profile.
  • Added create profile from current logger settings in configure dialog.
  • Added option to retain Password/UserID during configuration.
  • Linked Temperature and Humidity Clear Alarm Checkboxes when configuring a HAXO-8.
  • Renamed User ID to Description.
  • Restricted Description field for USB loggers to 50 characters to retain usability with Generated PDFs.
  • Added display of Preset specified maximum trip length in days.
  • Updated USB Download Password checkbox so when enabled, removes the file settings tab.
  • Fixed result displayed when downloading Indicator products using Download and Wizard.
  • Added code to manually and automatically check for updated versions of LogTag® Analyzer.
  • Added ability to automatically download and install newer versions of LogTag® Analyzer.
  • Displays important details about upgrade within the Check for Updates Window.
  • Added ability to export Day Summary as a second file when exporting an ltd into a text format.
  • Can now Export a TICT or TIC20 into a text format and it will export the Day Summary table.
  • Fixed some bugs in statistics generation for some alarm counts with delayed alarms.
  • Using SendMail command will now create additional exported files if they are not already present.
  • Added saving ltd data into exported PDF files.
  • Updated UI to fix bugs caused by Windows Scaling be greater than 100%.
  • Some fixes to Themes within LogTag® Analyzer, others removed.
  • Some changes to Icons and images within LogTag® Analyzer.
  • Corrected line thickness for Average Multi-Charts.
  • Added escape key functionality to close many of the forms.
  • Added processing dialog for multi-chart operations to indicate program activity.
  • Added opening of PDFs which contain ltd data (LogTag® Analyzer and USB logger PDFs).
  • Fixed bug with Multi-Chart displaying Paused Marks for USB Pause readings.
  • Changed Temperature/Humidity alert range from checkbox to toggle button.
SDK 3.0.3:
  • Fixed bug with TRID when Temperature was an exact match to the top calibration table value.
  • Updated SDK to assume a log interval of 1 minute if the log interval value is 0.
  • Added EvenInterval flag to HAXO-8 to restrict log interval to even seconds.
  • Added recovery code for readings if clock has become corrupted after primary logging has commenced.
  • Updated SDK to support Prototype TRIX-8 files/units which do not have a SensorID recorded.
  • Correctly write new checksum when a battery de-rate is carried out.
  • Fixed iS0°Tag code to correctly detect when the unit is still logging.



  • Chart Control Panel now uses check boxes instead of buttons.
  • Chart Control Panel can now be shown or hidden. The default can be set in Options – General Settings.
  • Hide Logon/Logoff button on Menu if User Server is not set up.
  • Removed bold text when menu items are disabled; increased text size for readability.
  • Updated Menu to hide unused overflow buttons, updated control intelligence depending on document and program state, also updated Chart Control Panel with same functionality.
  • Theme changes to LogTag® Analyzer, new icons and images, added various colour changes to text.
  • Updated default chart colour palette to be different from initial custom chart colour palette.
  • Updated Black Theme with many fixes for Dark Text, background colours, corrected some image issues.
  • Added option to preserve a LogTag®s description/password to the configuration dialogue and the wizard.
  • Updated configuration dialogue to hide the password entry field if not enabled via one of the checkboxes.
  • Fixed bug with export format for exporting a LogTag® with only prestart readings.
  • Updated configuration dialogue to disable number of readings control if wraparound selected.
  • Added automatic adjustments to the ‘Days’ configuration control.
  • Removed sliders for configuration of days and readings.
  • Fixed bug with configuring only accumulative alarms with some models.
  • Added basic information to file properties for multi-chart files.
  • Fixed delays and periods of non-responsiveness when closing and opening wizard forms.
  • Fixed “Not Found” on first open of wizard form when previous form was closed in the middle of an operation.
  • Modified HTML export format to use visually formatted tables for exports.
  • Added configure and download logging functions for logging data including several new fields. Changed all logging functionality to point to a combined log folder.
  • Added ability to view saved log files (config, download) in HTML formatted tables (With Save As and Print buttons).
  • Fixed bug with displaying email options in Options – Automation.
  • Added UTF-8 encoding marker bytes to start of text files.
  • Fixed custom scale range to appear relative to settings window. Fixed some bugs with custom scaling and chart range scaling boundary conditions with controls.
  • Added Import and Export functions for the option settings via the .asxml format
  • Fixed bug with Validation of date & time Settings in Options – Date and Time where certain selections were not working correctly.
  • Enabled Zoom Out functionality with Data Tab displayed.
  • Updated text annotations to be multi-line via Enter when editing.
  • Document page tabs now have bold text to improve tab visibility.
  • Fixed bug with Auto-Save and Multi-chart Save As interactions.
  • New documents now have their tab added to right side and are brought to the front.
  • Report notes and print preview windows no longer open as topmost panels.
  • Updated TICT and TIC20 rounding for maximum and minimum temperatures for negative values to match display.
SDK 3.0.2:
  • Added new EXTRA flag for even second clock limitations to the SDK which is used to indicate when the firmware requires an even seconds interval.
  • Added more recovery Checks in SDK to try and correct and display data from corrupted loggers and truncated memory reads.
  • Fixed bug with time calculation function for iS0°Tag products in SDK.
  • Added USB Port re-enumeration function to SDK when FTDI USB Interface stops responding.
  • Updated LogTag® Analyzer to handle USRIC-4, USRIC-8 and UTRIX-16 products, display PDF time zone date-times when Configuration Display Time Zone is selected.
  • Added Mass Storage Hold-Off support for future USB products.