Release Notes For LogTag® Analyzer 2

2.9 RELEASE 11

  • Correct logger auto-download when reconfigure prompt cancelled or timed out

Known Issues:

  • Some advanced options are not available to configure on Wizard, use Config or Profiles to configure user resettable Min/Max, display text or sound alarm if the logger is not inspected.

2.9 RELEASE 10

  • Add USRIC-8 PDF language configuration option and support latest USRIC-8 product firmware.
  • When using the Wizard (F2) if logger has no readings, immediately show the configuration dialog displays settings without download.


  • Re-size UTRIX-16 Wizard configuration dialog correctly when switching between advanced and simple alarm settings
  • HAXO: Ensure temperature correction table utilised if present before reading temperature data.
  • TRIL/SRIL: Improve battery test by ensuring loaded battery test always preformed when configuring via the Wizard dialog.
  • TRIL/SRIL: Changed the loaded battery test on configuration to accomodate a wider range of acceptable battery chemistries (pass threshold reduced from 3.2V to 2.8V).
  • USRIC-4 (firmware version 4.02.01 or earlier): Add “push button start from hibernation” start mode to allow start delay to be configured and used. Use this mode instead of standard push button start as this firmware may start immediately even if start delay is configured in standard push button start mode.
  • USRIC-4 (firmware version 4.02.01 or earlier): When start delay is configured, automatically set to “Push button start from hibernation” and disable pre-start logging. This works around an issue in these firmware versions. Corrected automatically in later versions.
  • Corrected TRIL low temperature battery de-rating on hibernation.


  • Improved alarm handling for USRIC-16(M) when applying a configuration profile
  • TREX-8/TRIX-8 profile: Alarm flag is now correctly processed when alarms are disabled
  • Added text “Advanced alarm settings” to error text in upload dialog, when a 2-alarm USB LogTag is configured using “Again”, after a multi-alarm configuration was uploaded to a previous logger
  • Options-Automation dialog now refreshes correctly after a settings import (enable/disable FTP and SMTP settings controls)
  • Corrected chart and multi-chart views to draw download/inspection marker on x-axis for TRED30-7 sensor disconnected readings
  • USRIC-8/UTRIX-16 configuration dialog: Corrected alarm value temperature conversion from Fahrenheit when clicking “Advanced Alarm settings”
  • Chart, report chart, multi chart: Readings with “sensor disconnected” flag at the beginning of the display interval (TRED30-7) are now correctly skipped
  • Clicking “Next” or “Again” after trying to configure different logger types or a low battery TRIL now no longer results in non-responding software
  • TRIL 3.14, format version 2 configuration: Return the correct battery percentage as percent of original battery capatity
  • Improved low temperature battery remaining percentage calculation for TRIL and SRIL products
  • Auto-download for USB loggers: Improved handling when multiple loggers are connected simultaneously
  • Optimise export/upload after automatic download: html, txt and csv export now performed in separate thread, pdf export performed, while user can already see downloaded file
  • UTRID-16 – Button paused readings now displayed with values in chart
  • Corrected alarm threshold statistics calculations (Summary, Chart statistics, Report statistics), use >= and <= for all logger types
  • “**” is now displayed in the data export for average reading, MKT and StdDev, if no valid readings or readings outside sensor range are found
  • Corrected width of readings column in PDF exported data list when paused readings are present. Added the legend text for “Sensor disconnected” symbol in the data list
  • Lower alarm limit entry for UTRID-16 will accept -30°C
  • Options-Automation-FTP settings-Advanced: Changed “TLS 1.0″ to “TLS” to indicate all methods are supported
  • Moved controls in the Shift chart dialog to allow for longer User ID to be displayed
  • Corrected pdf Report, so the model name for a TRED30-16R is now displayed correctly
  • Corrected summary view display rows when all alarms are disabled on a multi-alarm USB logger
  • Added support for TRID/TRED user resettable min/max (Advanced TRID/TRED configuration dialog, configuration profiles), including chart displays and Report Event info
  • Profile selection listbox now shows long names with a tooltip display
  • When “Not all settings are supported” appears in the upload dialogue, a tooltip now shows which settings are not supported
  • Better handling of checksums when download is interrupted by a log (avoids non-validated readings)
  • Options export: Automatically export customisation settings, if defined (support email, website address, website menu entry, About dialog additional text, Application window title)
  • Removed multiple toolbar refresh commands when file opened or .ltd window frame clicked to remove annoying flicker on screen
  • Standalone USB driver installer version 1.13 for Windows 7 and older, version 1.14 for Windows 8 and newer are now installed automatically
  • Improved multi-alarm configuration compatibility check (USRIC/UTRIX)
  • Corrected slow download with HID/Wifi interface
  • USB loggers: Added range checks for alarm values when reading from memory (advertised sensor limits)
  • UTRID profile configuration: Don’t show “some settings are unsupported”, as all settings are supported in all firmware versions for this model


  • Corrected issue where incorrect warning message was displayed during configuration of USRIC-8 and UTRIX-16 dual-alarm LogTags.


  • Added LTI-HID USB interface support
  • CSV/text export: Corrected elapsed time shown in summary, corrected time above/below shown when no readings above or below alarm
  • Added new option in Options – Automation: “Skip configuration password prompt” for automatic re-configuration (TRID/TRED only)
  • Improved error message displayed when encountering an unsupported configuration profile version
  • Improved software update mechanism
  • USRIC-8 and UTRIX-16: Multi-alarm and dual alarm variants of these models can now be configured together, and profiles are compatible for both multi- and dual alarm variants
  • New model USRIC-8M and UTRIX-16M are now shown as USRIC-8 and UTRIX-16
  • Edit profile dialog: TRID/TRED: Re-named button “Advanced” to “Advanced Options”, added warning triangle next to “Advanced Alarms” button for USRIC-8 and UTRIX-16 profiles
  • Edit profile dialog: Limit multi-alarm delay edit fields to 4 digits
  • Edit profile dialog: Download password and file generation are mutually exclusive, disable check boxes according to selection (USB loggers)
  • Edit profile dialog (all logger types, except TRID/TRED) and USB logger configuration dialogs: Enable/disable alarm latch check box, based on alarm delay selection (advanced and simple USB logger alarms)
  • Edit profile dialog: Enable download password for UTRID and multi-alarm USRIC/UTRIX
  • Edit profile dialog and Configuration dialogs for USB loggers: Download password and file generation are mutually exclusive, disable check boxes according to selection
  • Configuration dialogs: Clear previous start delay value, if date/time start is selected
  • UTRID-16 file settings dialog always has time zone and temperature unit dialog controls enabled
  • Indicator Reports: Replaced hard coded texts with translated resource strings (“on day”, “Alarm configuration”, “Alarm”, “Alarms”)
  • Multi chart: Corrected tooltip display for display loggers with daylight time zone in “PDF/display clock” time zone
  • Average Chart: Corrected time zone calculation for mix of TRID and TRIX loggers
  • Re-named “Advanced Settings” to “File Settings” in USB logger configuration/profile dialogs
  • File Open format list now includes LTA 3.0 file format (.ltdx)
  • Corrected report printing layout problem in alarm tables
  • Corrected printing zoomed Report (incorrect dates displayed in “First Evaluated”, “Last Evaluated”, “Evaluated Time”)
  • “Print all”: Don’t unzoom zoomed charts after printing
  • Removed “Print Setup” from File menu (this dialog is already displayed, before printing charts)
  • Quick re-configure: Improved progress bar behaviour
  • Updated format version upgrade prompt text when hibernating TRID/TRED
  • Corrected issue with Alert LED thresholds when repeat configuring HAXO 2.0 and 2.2 together


  • TRID “Advanced Options” dialog: Correct Warning message display
  • TRED30-16R configuration: Clear beeper status on configuration for firmware version 5.2x
  • HAXO repeat configuration with “Again”: Use correct sensor type to calculate alert ADC values
  • TRIL-8, SRIL, SRIC, USRIC: When calculating days since activation during hibernation: Check if current date < activation date, use later of these two
  • All configuration dialogs: If LogTags with different passwords are configured together, use the first logger’s password for all loggers (exception: “User cannot change password” flag set: Leave password unchanged)
  • Report tab: Corrected alarm indicator and alarm delay display for SRIC-4, TRIL/SRIL-8
  • Added help button support for Time Shift dialog in multi chart
  • Corrected message variable length when saving multi chart file in different directory (prompt user to copy .ltd files)
  • Diagnostics e-Mail: Corrected free MAPI resource when custom imported support e-mail address used
  • Edit profile dialog: Enable download password for UTRID and multi-alarm USRIC/UTRIX
  • Edit profile dialog: Corrected display of alarm latch, clear, password check box states (were affected by addition of max. readings radio button), added cross-check for USB loggers (download password vs. file generation)
  • USB multi-alarm dialog: Corrected locale-specific formatting when entering/displaying alarm values
  • USB configuration dialogs: Display download password option on dialog start, even if empty password present


  • Removed duplicate message during TRIX-8 configuration when alarm levels are outside sensor limits
  • Corrected date check to work for selection start Day = 31 when saving a file as sltd
  • Corrected Multi chart – shift chart function (now finds chart at given cursor position)
  • Convert USB recorder to “push button start” before hibernating
  • Corrected start time display when USB recorder was previously configured for Date/Time start
  • Updated French and Chinese language resources


  • UTRID alarms dialog: Limit alarm delay to 9999 readings, hide unused, disabled alarms
  • USB multi-alarms dialog: Limit alarm delay to 9999 readings
  • Configure UTRID/UTRIX-16M dialog: Corrected “clear/reset alarm” text to refer to START/MARK button, not Stop/Clear
  • Added File – Print All function to print the active tab of all open documents to the default printer
  • Added Manual Scaling from/to index
  • Added “recover from bootloader mode” when attempting configuration or download
  • Changed error message for unsupported USB logger product ID to “Unsupported LogTag version” (previously had “The file … cannot be opened because it was created with a newer version of the software”)
  • Updated MRU exists check on program start
  • Indicator report view: Add number of readings to alarm delay duration text (Now shows: “12 Hours (144 Readings)”)
  • Configure “Detect” dialog: Added text prompting to connect USB loggers and click “Again” button
  • Corrected file exists check for .ltd file name containing dots
  • USB logger configuration: Disable file generation edit controls, if download password and “user cannot change password” are selected
  • Alarm statistics use Above/equal, below/equal threshold value for TRID/TRED only, all other logger types: Above, below
  • Corrected multi chart annotation position (PDF/display clock time zone)
  • Open PDF files with embedded .ltd file (USB logger generated, or LTA 3.0 generated)
  • Open .ltdx files (LTA 3.0)
  • Added UTRID advanced dialog context sensitive help
  • Added UTRID quick start mode
  • Corrected position of ok, next, back, help buttons in English (US) UTRID/UTRIX-M configuration dialog
  • UTRID configuration: Correctly store/retrieve “Allow re-start with START button” flag
  • Configuration upload: Added extra check for different logger type when “Again” button clicked, recover original data to upload after incorrect logger removed and correct logger type inserted
  • Set default printer margins to 12.5mm on all sides
  • Store failed SMTP uploads in Outbox text file when LTA is closed: Create multiple entries for e-mail send attempt that has a list of files attached (multiple file formats selected). Previously, only one outbox entry was created with list of file paths. This could lead to a buffer overflow when reading in the outbox contents on next program start.
  • Multi-alarm USB loggers: Corrected “Time above/equal”/”Time below/equal” strings in chart statistics and Summary tab, corrected time above/below value in chart statistics
  • Added TREL calibration restore to default temperatures on configuration
  • USB logger configuration: Detect error during firmware update, display error information in logger listbox entry in upload dialog
  • Dialog element position corrections in various language resources
  • Allow new firmware version support USRIC-8, UTRIX-16: 6.2.x; USRIC8-M, USRIC16-M and UTRIX-16M: 6.6.x, UTRID: 7.1.x
  • SRIL/TRIL with firmware >=3.14: Perform loaded battery test on ReadInfo
  • TRID/TRED: Only read/store log buffer covering logs, not complete memory
  • Corrected issue with TRED30-16R re-configuration


  • Added support for USRIC-8M, UTRIX-16M and UTRID-16 loggers
  • Configuration logs: Added multi-alarm support
  • TRED configuration and profile advanced settings now allow setting quick start/stop action
  • Added message when USB logger in Bootloader mode is detected
  • Change colour of alarm lines for lower alarms in report to blue
  • iS0Tag Day Summary text file export: Corrected trigger time calculation
  • Corrected manual scaling bug in Report (repeated manual scaling applied to all charts narrowed down zoomed indices incorrectly)
  • Changed error message for corrupted sensor calibration checksum to “Error in sensor configuration”, instead of “Unsupported configuration”
  • Corrected x-axis position calculation of last skipped reading in USB loggers when pre-start readings present, and the first after-start readings are USB connected
  • Corrected UTRID configuration: Always enable alarm status tick/cross display during recording
  • Corrected LogTag Wizard for UTRID

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