USRIC-8 Getting Started and Downloading Data

starting your logger

1.  Download LogTag Analyzer 3 to your PC from the address below. Connect the LogTag logger to your PC to configure the settings using LogTag Analyzer 3.

2.  Press and hold the START/Mark button until both indicators flash with an alternating pattern. The logger is now recording temperatures.*

*If the logger was configured with a start delay, an additional signal will be shown. For more information, please refer to the User Guide or Quick start guide via the links below.

3. Place the LogTag logger into your shipping container.

For more information, see the troubleshooting and configuration sections of the Product User Guide, or go to the Resources tab of the USRIC-8 product page. Click any of the following to start.

Downloading and Viewing logger Data


1. Download and install LogTag Xpress to your PC from the address below.


2. Connect the LogTag logger to your PC. The recorded data will be automatically uploaded to the LogTag Online cloud.

For LogTag Xpress versions prior to 1.2.2, enable the Upload files to LogTag Online in the Options > LogTag Online > LogTag Online Settings.


3.  View the data in LogTag Online by entering the serial number of your LogTag logger as shown in the following screenshot.

Note: Supported models are SRIC-4, SRIL-8, USRIC-4, USRIC-8, USRIC-16, USRID-16

Follow the steps in the following video if you have an older version of the LogTag Xpress prior to LTX 1.2.2. Also see the Product User Guide for other ways to download data from the LogTag logger and for more details.