USRIC-4 PDF Generator


Note: Windows 10 operating system or higher is required to use the USRIC-4 PDF Generator

1. Download the USRIC-4 PDF Generator by selecting the ‘Download Now’ button below. 

2. Once the application has downloaded, open it by selecting it from the downloads bar at the bottom of the screen, or from within the computer’s downloads folder.

3.  Insert the USRIC-4 logger into a USB port on your computer.

4.  Select the appropriate temperature unit.

Celsius is selected by default

5.  Select ‘Scan’, the application is now scanning the inserted USRIC-4 logger for available data.

If the scan does not find any loggers double-check the device is plugged in to your computer’s USB port correctly. Then select ‘Scan’ to try again.

6. Once the USRIC-4 PDF Generator application displays ‘Scanning Complete’ the PDF files have been generated and automatically saved within the computer’s downloads folder.

7. To quickly access the generated PDF files, select ‘Open Folder’. This will launch file explorer viewing the downloads folder where the PDF files have been saved. 
Alternatively, navigate to the default Windows Download folder.

8. Open the generated PDF file to view the USRIC-4 data.

Note: To view the logger’s data in LogTag Online, use LogTag Xpress to automatically upload the data.

For more information on the USRIC-4, navigate to the resources tab on the USRIC-4 product page.