Release Notes for LogTag® Mobile



1.0 release 0

New Features:
  • LogTag Mobile App allows new and existing users to access LogTag Online (LTO).
  • Add alarms push notifications on app for events (free compare to paid SMS).


1.0 release 1.1 (IOS Only)

New Features:
  • Improved app stability when started for the first time after a new installation.


1.1 release 0

New Features:
  • Register devices with barcode scanning.
  • Configure WIFI settings on UTRED30-WIFI with Bluetooth® feature.
Known Issues:
  • Camera scanning may not work reliably on some barcodes, enter device serial number manually if scan fails.
  • Logout from application required before uninstall application to permanently remove user credentials.
  • If used, flashlight needs to be switched off manually after device is registered.


1.1 Release 1 (Android only)

Known Issues:
  • Maintenance release to support Chrome update.