1.1.1 RELEASED 10 JUNE, 2020

Convert LTD files to CSV with a range of configurable options

Convert files in bulk with the ability to select a folder and scan subdirectories

Highly customisable CSV options including date format and time zone.

FDA 21 CFR Part 11

LogTag® Convert copies LogTag® Analyzer data files (*.ltd files) to text files such as CSV files. Organisations can use this program to quickly and efficiently bulk convert data so they can be transferred to other programs, without the need to open files individually.

The program’s options can all be accessed in a single window, which is displayed when the program starts. A notification window displays what the program is currently doing and a log file can be recorded, detailing the conversions and any errors that occur. Help can be accessed by pressing F1 after the program starts. A manual is not available.