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The Benefits & Features of LogTag Online


Immediate notification of a temperature excursion sent to your email or phone.

Real-time Data

Data is uploaded to the cloud in real time.


Suitable for all users from small clinics to the largest hospitals.


LogTag Online automates vaccine temperature monitoring and maintains compliance to VFC and CDC Guidelines.


Access your data through LogTag Online on any device with an internet connection and internet browser.

Ease of use

Setting up your account is quick and easy, then you can access your data online.


LogTag Online can be accessed using any LogTag data logger, so you don’t need to upgrade your existing loggers in order to get started.

Local Support

Support for LogTag Online is available through LogTag’s Global distribution network.

LogTag Online Security Compliance

LogTag Online is committed to providing you with a trusted set of cloud services. We have leveraged our decades-long industry experience building enterprise to create a robust set of LogTag Online security technologies and practices. These work to help reduce the cost, complexity, and risk associated with security in the cloud.

Download our LogTag Online Security Compliance PDF to see how LogTag can help you strengthen your security posture, streamline your compliance efforts, and enable digital transformation.
FeatureBasic (Free) Account
(No Activation Code)
Standard (Paid) Account*
(Activation Code required)
Number of Locations1 Limited Location1 Full Location per purchased Activation Code
Location History3 Months10 Years
NotificationsEmail OnlyEmail + SMS
SMS (USA)NoneUnlimited
SMS (Outside USA)NoneUp to 25 per month
Maximum number of files301000
File Storage1 Year10 Years
Number of registered devicesUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of users2Unlimited

*Contact your local provider for more information on LTO subscription & pricing options.