Digital Signature Suite

The LogTag® Digital Signatures support suite of software facilitates the digital signing of LogTag® data files.

The LogTag® Digital Signatures support suite of software facilitates the digital signing of LogTag® data files. The benefits of digital record keeping are significant. It increases the speed of information exchange and advanced searching capabilities, reduces the cost of storage space, increases data integration and trending information and improves product quality and consistency.

Adding digital signatures to recordings is a logical next step, reducing vulnerability of signature fraud, report misfiling and allows traceability of approvals by providing detailed audit logs.

Data recorded and downloaded from LogTag® can be digitally signed using the LogTag® Digital Signatures suite. Each signature contains information that clearly indicates:

  • The printed name of the signer
  • The date and time when the signature was executed
  • The meaning (such as review, approval, responsibility, or authorship) associated with the signature

Digital signatures remain permanently stored with the LogTag® data file and cannot be removed once applied. Multiple signatures with different meanings can be attached to the data file, allowing multiple stages in an approval process to be captured. Authenticated users are identified by unique usernames and passwords.

The LogTag® Digital Signatures Suite has been specifically designed to support FDA title 21 CFR Part 11, which regulates the use of digital signatures, the user authentication requirements and how users can digitally sign a set of recordings with an allocated set of signatures.

The document about FDA compliance is available for download here and explains how compliance with this regulation is achieved.

You can also get more information about the FDA title 21 CFR Part 11 regulations at

User server diagram

The client software is LogTag® Analyzer.

This is the standard software for reading and configuring LogTag® loggers and runs on computers that are reading, displaying and storing recorded data.

The server software is LogTag User Server.

User Server typically runs on a server station in a networked computer system but can also operate on the same computer as LogTag® Analyzer provided security issues are observed.

Once the client software is configured to connect to User Server it can only be operated when valid logon data are provided. The User Server software facilitates this logon process and provides access to the user & signature database to all appropriately configured LogTag® Analyzer clients. Once a user is logged in, all activity is tracked by the User Server and an Audit Log is maintained of selected user activity. The user can then attach allocated signatures to data files.

The LogTag® Event Viewer allows displaying of the audit events and can be run on the same computer as User Server and/or other workstations provided those workstations have network access to the folders on the computer where the event audit log files are stored.