LogTag Buy Back Scheme

Effective date: April 1, 2022


The LogTag Buy back scheme is designed to increase subscriptions on the LogTag Online cloud platform. Our market research and distributor feedback has shown that the key market for the Wi-Fi products are hospitals and larger practices. These have the budget and need to spend on a Real time system over the manual download type.

However, in larger organizations there are barriers to change as typically the selected logger will be written into the standard operating procedures. Providing a cash incentive to change, and especially trying to target end users at the time they are paying to recalibrate existing systems, we hope will reduce these barriers sufficiently to drive sales.


  • Customer Receives $100 Buy-back, when a competitor Real-time enabled system is traded in.
  • LogTag contributes $40 of the buy-back cost.
  • The Distributor contributes $60 of the buy-back cost.
  • The Buy-back program is available for a limited time only.
  • The Buy-back program is open to all ‘Real-time’ temperature monitoring systems.
  • Distributors will need to provide some details of the trade-ins and pay to dispose of the competitor devices.

Distributor Requirements

The Distributor will be required to perform several actions to participate in the scheme and ensure we have some records and evidence that supports making payments. These requirements on the distributor are:

  • They pass on the full $100 cash back to the end user off the sales price, and not retain or reduce this figure.
  • To check that the client has a ‘Real time’ enabled temperature monitoring system. This will be typically on a list provided from LogTag, or they can check with LogTag for any logger that provides temperature data over the air, typically via WiFi or Cellular.
  • To perform basic checks that the traded in system is functional. Broken devices do not qualify for the buy-back program.
  • Record key device information (the serial number, make and model) of traded in devices.
  • Destroy/Dispose of any traded in devices.
  • Submit monthly reports to LogTag containing the key device information in order for LogTag to prepare credit notes.

End User Requirements

  • End users must have one or more devices that send temperature data over the air, typically via Wi-Fi or Cellular.
  • End users should be large or enterprise organizations, specifically buying 5 or more UTRED30-WIFI devices.

LogTag Commitments

  • LogTag will provide a list of approved ‘Real-time’ devices that are eligible for the scheme. Distributors can ask to add additional devices to the list.
  • The Buy-back scheme will operate for a limited time.
  • LogTag will give warning when the limit is approaching.
  • LogTag will commit to providing a credit note to the Distributor for all eligible devices received while the scheme is open.

Please contact sales@logtag.com if you have any questions.