Vaccine Temperature Solutions

Monitor the critical temperatures of your vaccine storage units and deliver safe, effective vaccines to those who need them most.

Globally, more than 50% of vaccines go to waste, and inadequate temperature management is a significant factor in this loss. 

(World Health Organisation)

Inadequate cold chain management and storage is a key contributor to vaccine wastage. Vaccines, highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations, can quickly become ineffective if not stored within the correct temperature range. Ensuring adherence to health regulations in various regions, such as those set by the FDA and WHO, is vital for maintaining vaccine efficacy.

At LogTag, we understand the critical nature of vaccine logistics. Using LogTag solutions you can tackle key challenges in Vaccine Logistics from manufacture to administration. By integrating LogTag’s solutions into your cold chain management, you gain a powerful tool in reducing vaccine wastage, ensuring compliance with health standards, and ultimately contributing to the effectiveness of public health campaigns.

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Maintain accurate and consistent temperature monitoring in your low-temperature vaccine storage units at hospitals, clinics, and labs with LogTag’s advanced monitoring solutions, providing real-time insights to maintain optimal storage conditions.

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Vaccine Transportation (WHO Protocol)

Ensure the safe transportation of vaccines with LogTag's precise monitoring solutions, ensuring quality and efficacy are upheld from manufacturer to patient.

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Vaccine Storage (WHO Protocol)

Safeguard vaccines in refrigerators and freezers, where maintaining low temperatures is crucial, with LogTag's dependable and precise temperature monitoring solutions.