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Currently known issues for LogTag® Analyzer

Please ensure you are using the latest version of LogTag® Analyzer as the bug you are encountering may already be resolved in the latest version.

"Manual reset function not supported for UTRID-16 PDF Temperature Recorders"
Issue #: 026
Software Version: LogTag Analyzer 2.8r2
OS Affected: All

The function "Allow reset of logger with Start button" in the Advanced Configuration dialogue for UTRID-16 has not been implemented in this version, although the dialogue elements controlling this behaviour are already present. Selecting this feature does therefore not allow a reset of the recorder as described in the LogTag Analyzer 2.8 User Guide.


Maintenance release 2.8r3, scheduled for May 2017, will configure recorders correctly. If, in the meantime, the use of this function is essential, you can use LogTag Analyzer 3.0 beta software to achieve the desired result.

"PC's with AMD processors may experience crashes when using Windows 7 or later"
Issue #: 025
Software Version: LogTag Analyzer, all versions
OS Affected: Windows 7 and later on PC's with AMD processors

We have identified a possible incompatibiltiy between the latest USB drivers available from the Update Store and PC's using AMD processors. In isolated cases this may result in system kernel crashes with the dreaded "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to shut down" message when trying to access loggers for configuration and download.

The driver certified for use with Windows Update is given below:

  1. Please download the driver from:
  2. Unplug your interface cradle from the PC
  3. Execute the driver installer and wait for it to be finished
  4. Re-plug your interface cradle

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you still have issues after this procedure.

"USRIC-4 blocked from configuration with LogTag Analyzer"
Issue #: 024
Software Version: LogTag Analyzer, version 2.6r5
OS Affected: all, with all USRIC-4 units

LogTag Analyzer version 2.6r5 requests upgrading USRIC-4 and will not proceed to configure any units. This is an error with the software, not with the product. Version 2.6r4 works with these units without problems.
Update Required


Update LogTag Analyzer to 2.6.8

"UTRIX-16 blocked from configuration with LogTag Analyzer"
Issue #: 023
Software Version: LogTag Analyzer, versions 2.6 and above
OS Affected: all

UTRIX-16 USB PDF Temperature Recorders in the following serial number range require a firmware update before they can be configured in LogTag Analyzer:

5040000051 to 5040000250 (inclusive)


The firmware in these units can be updated with a special utility. This utility is installed as part of LogTag Analyzer 2.6. If you try to configure a UTRIX-16 from this serial number range, you will receive a warning that the unit cannot be configured:

Update Required

Click Run USB Firmware Updater to start the utility, and close LogTag Analyzer. Click Help or press F1 for details.

We recommend disconnecting units not requiring an update. If you have not disconnected all units, please do not interrupt the updater. Instead, leave all units connected until the updater has finished.

"Driver Installation may fail on Windows 8.1"
Issue #: 022
Software Version: all
OS Affected: Windows 8.1

On some occasions the USB interface driver may not install correctly, if the drivers are loaded from Windows Update. As a result, LogTag Analyzer cannot establish communication with LogTag products placed in the interface cradles. At this stage it is unknown what causes this behaviour.


Unplug all LTI/USB interfaces, download and execute the USB driver update software from here. Re-plug the interfaces. The driver should now be installed correctly.

If on rare occasions the driver is still not recognised, you will need to temporarily disable downloading driver software from Windows Update. Right click the Start Button, click on System, then Advanced system settings. Click on the Hardware tab, on Device Installation Settings. Enable No, let me choose what to do, then Never install driver software from Windows Update. Click Save Changes. Execute the USB driver update software again. The driver will be installed correctly when the interface is plugged in. Following the same procedure, re-enable automatic device installation settings and close all windows.

We are currently investigating this issue and will publish any updates on this page.

"Using Profiles for USRIC-8 can result in unexpected behaviour"
Issue #: 021
Software Version: 2.5.16
OS Affected: All Supported

Configuring USRIC-8 using the Profiles function can result in unexpected behaviour, if devices with serial numbers 4035007264 and earlier are configured with a profile that enables the time zone, MKT and CSV features. The CSV file can become unreadable and the MKT value will be incorrect. These functions were in beta testing and were enabled in these loggers by error.
From serial number 4035007265 onwards these features are supported correctly.

Solution: Configure the different versions of USRIC-8 using separate profiles, with the features enabled as appropriate. An update to LogTag Analyzer (version 2.5r17) will be published shortly, which disables the use of these features for earlier devices.
"An invalid argument was encountered"
Issue #: 020
Software Version: 2.5.16 (Fresh installations only)
OS Affected: All Supported
Description: "An invalid argument was encountered" error occurs when attempting to save a report as a .pdf file.
Solution: You need to initialise the PDF customisation options. To do this, click Options from the Edit menu, then click on the Exports and Reports tab. Click on PDF (Portable Document Format), then on Customise *.pdf. In the PDF properties window select the desired options and click OK to close the window. Click OK again to close the Options window.
Profile incorrect after update to 2.5.14
Issue #: 019
Software Version: 2.5.14
OS Affected: Vista / 7 / 8 / XP
Description: Profiles created with 2.4 and 2.5r14 may not read back correctly into LogTag Analyzer, resulting in incorrectly configured loggers when using profiles for configuration.
Solution: Update LogTag Analyzer to 2.5.15.
PDF file creation failed
Issue #: 014
Software Version: 2.5.4
OS Affected: All Supported
Description: A message similar to this appears when trying to save or export a file as a PDF file. No PDF is created:PDF file creation failed

This message can have two different causes:

  1. Unicode characters are present in the file name, which are not part of the standard ASCII character range. This issue has been fixed in version 2.4r5.
  2. LogTag® Analyzer cannot save PDF files directly to a network location. Instead, the Operating System's temp folder is used to store a local copy of the PDF file before moving it to its final network destination. If this temp folder is also located on a network path, the file generation will fail with the above error.

You can view the location of the temporary folder by clicking on System in the Control Panel, then clicking Advanced System Settings, then Environment Variables. The path name is stored in the TMP and TEMP variables. If this folder is located on the network, your network administrator needs to change the location to a local path name via a mapped network drive.

Starting with version 2.5 you can to set the temporary folder by importing an asxml file with the appropriate tags. Your network administrator will be able to assist. The instructions are provided in the network administrator user guide.

If you cannot change the location of the temp folder you will need to install third-party PDF printer software.

Greek PDF Export
Issue #: 017
Software Version: 2.5.4
OS Affected: All Supported
Description: When using LogTag® Analyzer in Greek, the PDF Export creates files with unreadable text in the Report page. This is due to an issue with the PDF generation library used in LogTag® Analyzer.
Solution: Until resolved please print to PDF using third party PDF creator software.
Observing Authorisation Issues
Issue #: 007
Software Version: 2.5.4
OS Affected: Vista / 7 / 8
Description: It is possible to observe authorisation issues when writing to certain log file locations, e.g. for the SMTP and FTP logs. If this happens, error messages will be displayed warning that LTA was unable to create certain files.
Solution: Access the file location via Windows Explorer and make sure you can create a file in this location.
NAS Automatic Overwrite
Issue #: 006
Software Version: 2.5.4
OS Affected: Win2k / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Description: Some Network Attached Storage Devices (NAS Drives) use versions of SAMBA (Server Message Block) file servers which do not correctly report back whether a file exists or not. Consequently, LogTag® Analyzer will without warning overwrite an already existing file with the same name, regardless of the settings made in the Automation options.
Solution: There is no current workaround. Check your server for this behaviour and if necessary select a different storage location.
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