Release Notes for LogTag® Analyzer 2

2.9 release 8

2.9.8, LogTagIO 2.9r8, 10 July 2018

  • Improved alarm handling for USRIC-16(M) when applying a configuration profile
  • TREX-8/TRIX-8 profile: Alarm flag is now correctly processed when alarms are disabled
  • Added text “Advanced alarm settings" to error text in upload dialog, when a 2-alarm USB LogTag is configured using “Again", after a multi-alarm configuration was uploaded to a previous logger
  • Options-Automation dialog now refreshes correctly after a settings import (enable/disable FTP and SMTP settings controls)
  • Corrected chart and multi-chart views to draw download/inspection marker on x-axis for TRED30-7 sensor disconnected readings
  • USRIC-8/UTRIX-16 configuration dialog: Corrected alarm value temperature conversion from Fahrenheit when clicking “Advanced Alarm settings"
  • Chart, report chart, multi chart: Readings with “sensor disconnected" flag at the beginning of the display interval (TRED30-7) are now correctly skipped
  • Clicking “Next" or “Again" after trying to configure different logger types or a low battery TRIL now no longer results in non-responding software
  • TRIL 3.14, format version 2 configuration: Return the correct battery percentage as percent of original battery capatity
  • Improved low temperature battery remaining percentage calculation for TRIL and SRIL products
  • Auto-download for USB loggers: Improved handling when multiple loggers are connected simultaneously
  • Optimise export/upload after automatic download: html, txt and csv export now performed in separate thread, pdf export performed, while user can already see downloaded file
  • UTRID-16 – Button paused readings now displayed with values in chart
  • Corrected alarm threshold statistics calculations (Summary, Chart statistics, Report statistics), use >= and <= for all logger types
  • “**" is now displayed in the data export for average reading, MKT and StdDev, if no valid readings or readings outside sensor range are found
  • Corrected width of readings column in PDF exported data list when paused readings are present. Added the legend text for “Sensor disconnected" symbol in the data list
  • Lower alarm limit entry for UTRID-16 will accept -30°C
  • Options-Automation-FTP settings-Advanced: Changed “TLS 1.0" to “TLS" to indicate all methods are supported
  • Moved controls in the Shift chart dialog to allow for longer User ID to be displayed
  • Corrected pdf Report, so the model name for a TRED30-16R is now displayed correctly
  • Corrected summary view display rows when all alarms are disabled on a multi-alarm USB logger
  • Added support for TRID/TRED user resettable min/max (Advanced TRID/TRED configuration dialog, configuration profiles), including chart displays and Report Event info
  • Profile selection listbox now shows long names with a tooltip display
  • When “Not all settings are supported" appears in the upload dialogue, a tooltip now shows which settings are not supported
  • Better handling of checksums when download is interrupted by a log (avoids non-validated readings)
  • Options export: Automatically export customisation settings, if defined (support email, website address, website menu entry, About dialog additional text, Application window title)
  • Removed multiple toolbar refresh commands when file opened or .ltd window frame clicked to remove annoying flicker on screen
  • Standalone USB driver installer version 1.13 for Windows 7 and older, version 1.14 for Windows 8 and newer are now installed automatically
  • Improved multi-alarm configuration compatibility check (USRIC/UTRIX)
  • Corrected slow download with HID/Wifi interface
  • USB loggers: Added range checks for alarm values when reading from memory (advertised sensor limits)
  • UTRID profile configuration: Don’t show “some settings are unsupported", as all settings are supported in all firmware versions for this model

2.9 release 4

2.9.4, LogTagIO 2.9r4, 23 November 2017

  • Corrected issue where incorrect warning message was displayed during configuration of USRIC-8 and UTRIX-16 dual-alarm LogTags.

2.9 release 2

2.9.2, LogTagIO 2.9r2, 16. November 2017

  • Added LTI-HID USB interface support
  • CSV/text export: Corrected elapsed time shown in summary, corrected time above/below shown when no readings above or below alarm
  • Added new option in Options – Automation: “Skip configuration password prompt" for automatic re-configuration (TRID/TRED only)
  • Improved error message displayed when encountering an unsupported configuration profile version
  • Improved software update mechanism
  • USRIC-8 and UTRIX-16: Multi-alarm and dual alarm variants of these models can now be configured together, and profiles are compatible for both multi- and dual alarm variants
  • New model USRIC-8M and UTRIX-16M are now shown as USRIC-8 and UTRIX-16
  • Edit profile dialog: TRID/TRED: Re-named button “Advanced" to “Advanced Options", added warning triangle next to “Advanced Alarms" button for USRIC-8 and UTRIX-16 profiles
  • Edit profile dialog: Limit multi-alarm delay edit fields to 4 digits
  • Edit profile dialog: Download password and file generation are mutually exclusive, disable check boxes according to selection (USB loggers)
  • Edit profile dialog (all logger types, except TRID/TRED) and USB logger configuration dialogs: Enable/disable alarm latch check box, based on alarm delay selection (advanced and simple USB logger alarms)
  • Edit profile dialog: Enable download password for UTRID and multi-alarm USRIC/UTRIX
  • Edit profile dialog and Configuration dialogs for USB loggers: Download password and file generation are mutually exclusive, disable check boxes according to selection
  • Configuration dialogs: Clear previous start delay value, if date/time start is selected
  • UTRID-16 file settings dialog always has time zone and temperature unit dialog controls enabled
  • Indicator Reports: Replaced hard coded texts with translated resource strings (“on day", “Alarm configuration", “Alarm", “Alarms")
  • Multi chart: Corrected tooltip display for display loggers with daylight time zone in “PDF/display clock" time zone
  • Average Chart: Corrected time zone calculation for mix of TRID and TRIX loggers
  • Re-named “Advanced Settings" to “File Settings" in USB logger configuration/profile dialogs
  • File Open format list now includes LTA 3.0 file format (.ltdx)
  • Corrected report printing layout problem in alarm tables
  • Corrected printing zoomed Report (incorrect dates displayed in “First Evaluated", “Last Evaluated", “Evaluated Time")
  • “Print all": Don’t unzoom zoomed charts after printing
  • Removed “Print Setup" from File menu (this dialog is already displayed, before printing charts)
  • Quick re-configure: Improved progress bar behaviour
  • Updated format version upgrade prompt text when hibernating TRID/TRED
  • Corrected issue with Alert LED thresholds when repeat configuring HAXO 2.0 and 2.2 together

2.8 release 6

2.8.6, LogTagIO 2.8r19, 28. August 2017

  • TRID “Advanced Options" dialog: Correct Warning message display
  • TRED30-16R configuration: Clear beeper status on configuration for firmware version 5.2x
  • HAXO repeat configuration with “Again": Use correct sensor type to calculate alert ADC values
  • TRIL-8, SRIL, SRIC, USRIC: When calculating days since activation during hibernation: Check if current date < activation date, use later of these two
  • All configuration dialogs: If LogTags with different passwords are configured together, use the first logger’s password for all loggers (exception: “User cannot change password" flag set: Leave password unchanged)
  • Report tab: Corrected alarm indicator and alarm delay display for SRIC-4, TRIL/SRIL-8
  • Added help button support for Time Shift dialog in multi chart
  • Corrected message variable length when saving multi chart file in different directory (prompt user to copy .ltd files)
  • Diagnostics e-Mail: Corrected free MAPI resource when custom imported support e-mail address used
  • Edit profile dialog: Enable download password for UTRID and multi-alarm USRIC/UTRIX
  • Edit profile dialog: Corrected display of alarm latch, clear, password check box states (were affected by addition of max. readings radio button), added cross-check for USB loggers (download password vs. file generation)
  • USB multi-alarm dialog: Corrected locale-specific formatting when entering/displaying alarm values
  • USB configuration dialogs: Display download password option on dialog start, even if empty password present

2.8 release 5

2.8.5, LogTagIO 2.8r18, 13. July 2017

  • Removed duplicate message during TRIX-8 configuration when alarm levels are outside sensor limits
  • Corrected date check to work for selection start Day = 31 when saving a file as sltd
  • Corrected Multi chart – shift chart function (now finds chart at given cursor position)
  • Convert USB recorder to “push button start" before hibernating
  • Corrected start time display when USB recorder was previously configured for Date/Time start
  • Updated French and Chinese language resources

2.8 release 4

2.8.4, LogTagIO 2.8r17, 15. June 2017

  • UTRID alarms dialog: Limit alarm delay to 9999 readings, hide unused, disabled alarms
  • USB multi-alarms dialog: Limit alarm delay to 9999 readings
  • Configure UTRID/UTRIX-16M dialog: Corrected “clear/reset alarm" text to refer to START/MARK button, not Stop/Clear
  • Added File – Print All function to print the active tab of all open documents to the default printer
  • Added Manual Scaling from/to index
  • Added “recover from bootloader mode" when attempting configuration or download
  • Changed error message for unsupported USB logger product ID to “Unsupported LogTag version" (previously had “The file … cannot be opened because it was created with a newer version of the software")
  • Updated MRU exists check on program start
  • Indicator report view: Add number of readings to alarm delay duration text (Now shows: “12 Hours (144 Readings)")
  • Configure “Detect" dialog: Added text prompting to connect USB loggers and click “Again" button
  • Corrected file exists check for .ltd file name containing dots
  • USB logger configuration: Disable file generation edit controls, if download password and “user cannot change password" are selected
  • Alarm statistics use Above/equal, below/equal threshold value for TRID/TRED only, all other logger types: Above, below
  • Corrected multi chart annotation position (PDF/display clock time zone)
  • Open PDF files with embedded .ltd file (USB logger generated, or LTA 3.0 generated)
  • Open .ltdx files (LTA 3.0)
  • Added UTRID advanced dialog context sensitive help
  • Added UTRID quick start mode
  • Corrected position of ok, next, back, help buttons in English (US) UTRID/UTRIX-M configuration dialog
  • UTRID configuration: Correctly store/retrieve “Allow re-start with START button" flag
  • Configuration upload: Added extra check for different logger type when “Again" button clicked, recover original data to upload after incorrect logger removed and correct logger type inserted
  • Set default printer margins to 12.5mm on all sides
  • Store failed SMTP uploads in Outbox text file when LTA is closed: Create multiple entries for e-mail send attempt that has a list of files attached (multiple file formats selected). Previously, only one outbox entry was created with list of file paths. This could lead to a buffer overflow when reading in the outbox contents on next program start.
  • Multi-alarm USB loggers: Corrected “Time above/equal"/"Time below/equal" strings in chart statistics and Summary tab, corrected time above/below value in chart statistics
  • Added TREL calibration restore to default temperatures on configuration
  • USB logger configuration: Detect error during firmware update, display error information in logger listbox entry in upload dialog
  • Dialog element position corrections in various language resources
  • Allow new firmware version support USRIC-8, UTRIX-16: 6.2.x; USRIC8-M, USRIC16-M and UTRIX-16M: 6.6.x, UTRID: 7.1.x
  • SRIL/TRIL with firmware >=3.14: Perform loaded battery test on ReadInfo
  • TRID/TRED: Only read/store log buffer covering logs, not complete memory
  • Corrected issue with TRED30-16R re-configuration

2.8 release 2

2.8.2, LogTagIO 2.8r8, 13. March 2017

  • Added support for USRIC-8M, UTRIX-16M and UTRID-16 loggers
  • Configuration logs: Added multi-alarm support
  • TRED configuration and profile advanced settings now allow setting quick start/stop action
  • Added message when USB logger in Bootloader mode is detected
  • Change colour of alarm lines for lower alarms in report to blue
  • iS0Tag Day Summary text file export: Corrected trigger time calculation
  • Corrected manual scaling bug in Report (repeated manual scaling applied to all charts narrowed down zoomed indices incorrectly)
  • Changed error message for corrupted sensor calibration checksum to “Error in sensor configuration", instead of “Unsupported configuration"
  • Corrected x-axis position calculation of last skipped reading in USB loggers when pre-start readings present, and the first after-start readings are USB connected
  • Corrected UTRID configuration: Always enable alarm status tick/cross display during recording
  • Corrected LogTag Wizard for UTRID

LTA 2.7

2.7 release 8

2.7.8, LogTagIO 2.7r18, released 06. December 2016

  • Profile dialog: Added “Record maximum number of readings" radio button.
  • Profile configuration: Changed dialog text “Audible alert" to “Enable audible alert if supported".
  • Corrected Save As sltd time calculations.
  • Installer: Include new USB driver version 2.12.24, include standalone USB driver installer version 1.13.
  • Installer: Removed support for XP and Vista.
  • USB loggers: Corrected ltm diagnostics file generation, so Service can read files.

2.7 release 7

2.7.7, LogTagIO 2.7r17, released 17. October 2016

  • Added support for TRED30-16R
  • Auto-reconfigure after auto-download does not proceed if the file cannot be saved.
  • Error message “unable to create or access folder…" now includes a warning that auto-reconfiguration has not been done.
  • Data list in exported PDF only contains zooomed data for zoomed charts (same data list as “Data" tab). List now shows “Partial data list" text.
  • Re-load options from saved UserProfile.dat after successful asxml options import on program start. Corrects issue where folder settings were only updated after program re-start.
  • FTP upload of files with Russian/Chinese/Greek unicode characters now working.
  • Multi-chart FTP/SMTP upload: Skip files that cannot be found in local folder.
  • Added “Prioritise download over file generation" option in USB logger dialogues.
  • Installer: On first-time install, offer public documents folder as data storage location. Installer creates auto-import xml file to set file paths on first program start
  • Manual Scaling: When applying settings to all charts, always apply y-axis scaling, even if timespans of recorded readings don’t overlap. Now matches documented behaviour
  • Added “Manual Upgrade Required" text to display in Detect Dialog/Wizard Dialog when USB logger in bootloader mode, instead of “USB already in use"
  • Auto-download displays message box “Manual Upgrade required: Please run the Product Upgrader to complete the product upgrade." when USB logger in bootloader mode connected
  • Extended error message text length in Hibernate dialog to avoid non-english version crashing
  • Installer: Included “uninstall user specific settings?" prompt in silent uninstallation (uninstall from Control Panel)
  • Corrected an issue when double-clicking a .ltd file while LogTag Analyzer is already running
  • Corrected multi-chart tooltip calculation
  • Improved installation experience in scenarios where multiple users share PC’s

2.7 release 5

2.7.5, LogTagIO 2.7r12, released 21. July 2016

  • Corrected type of listbox in Options – General dialog (Default time interval)
  • During USB logger firmware update, window message queue is cleared, messages are ignored (Windows 10 “not responding" issue)
  • Increased wait on startup, before checking for other running LTA instance
  • SDK: Force firmware update for USRIC-4 < 6.1.12
  • USB Firmware update: Clear message queue during processing, close IO for all loggers after update, to avoid up to date loggers to display “please try again"
  • Includes latest translations and User guide/Help files
  • Trigger update of colour selection box after settings file import
  • Corrected temp path used for Diagnostics email generation (to solve problem when data path not on the same drive as LTA)
  • Corrected report export (humidity highest/lowest value used temperature sensor limits, time display cut off)
  • Removed 18 hour start delay limit for USB loggers, these have a 3 day limit (72 hours)
  • Corrected order of “wraparound" and log number radio buttons in TRIX advanced configuration dialog resource
  • USB logger firmware upgrade now done via configuration dialog (checkbox: “Upgrade logger", ticked when upgrade recommended, no separate dialog)
  • Added firmware upgrade option to USB logger profile dialog. Upgrade will be performed when profile is applied
  • “Save As" export uses column headings setting defined in auto-export settings instead of hard-coded “enabled"
  • Corrected time zone display text in Multichart legend when first logger is USB logger and “Display clock/PDF time zone" is selected
  • Added support for HAXO format version 3 (enforce even seconds log interval if format version 3 or HAXO 2.2 firmware)
  • When date/time configuring with “Again", and start time less than 1.5 minutes away, go back to configuration dialog, if user selects “No" in automatic time adjustment prompt
  • Configure (and profile) dialogs: Add 1 reading when user selects “span at least .. days", as first reading is taken immediately after start
  • Installer: Include Windows 10-certified USB drivers and latest firmware upgrade files (USRIC-4:, USRIC-8:, UTRIX-16:
  • Removed even seconds log interval check from USB logger configuration dialog
  • Added even seconds log interval check for HAXO 2.2 to HAXO configuration dialog, uses LTEF_EVEN_INTERVAL flag set in SDK (LOGTAG_INFO member dwExtraFlags)
  • Disable controls in Options – Updates dialog if registry key DisableSoftwareUpdate is present
  • Use PDF time zone for USB loggers if “Display clock/PDF/configuration time zone" option is selected, changed options dialog listbox entry and chart display texts
  • Copy report logo image to temporary folder on program startup (user-defined folder in registry key, or Windows temp folder). Use this copied file for report display and PDF generation. If logo location not accessible, use default logo from resource
  • Auto-download: Shifted opening and display of .ltd file to before file exports are performed
  • Report: Corrected TRID alert delay bug: Evaluate alert control byte when setting statistics parameter (instant alert)
  • Added handling for unsupported 12-hour time formate (pdf/csv) for USB logger firmware < 6.1.9 in configuration and profile configuration mechanism
  • Corrected USB loggers Fahrenheit conversion (low negative temperature values)
  • SDK now supports HAXO firmware 2.2
  • SDK update:fixed crash during new TRIL/SRIL configuration

LTA 2.6

2.6 release 10

2.6.10, LogTagIO 2.6r17, released 30. May 2016

  • “Save As" export uses column headings setting defined in auto-export settings instead of hard-coded “enabled"
  • Improved handling of HID interface, Detect dialog now displays “Unsupported Interface Model version HID"
  • Includes new firmware updaters: USRIC-4:, USRIC-8:, UTRIX-16:

2.6 release 9

2.6.9, LogTagIO 2.6r13, released 10 March 2016

  • Limit User ID (Description) to 50 characters for USB loggers (limitation by generated pdf)
  • Corrected order of “wraparound" and log number radio buttons in TRIX advanced configuration dialog
  • Corrected localisation of new firmware upgrader shortcuts

2.6 release 8

2.6.8, LogTagIO 2.6r13, released 16 February 2016

  • Changed USB Product update process to make it more user-friendly
  • Included latest USB product updates
  • Fixed bug with ‘AGAIN’ Button when a user re-opens the Wizard
  • Correct support for USRIC-4

2.6 release 5

2.6.5, LogTagIO 2.6r5, released 11 November 2015

  • Added forced firmware update for USRIC-8 firmware version 6.1.7 (on configuration)
  • Added error messages related to firmware update
  • Added small bug fixes and corrections

2.6 release 4

2.6.4, LogTagIO 2.6r4, released 18 September 2015

  • File – Save As dialog: “Include Summary" is not selected by default, to match the “Customise" export format dialog defaults
  • Diagnostics and memory dump files are now attached as a zip file, which is created in subfolder “Diagnostics" under the LogTag data folder, multiple ltm files from cradled loggers are included
  • Removed “Start download automatically" check box in Options – Updates dialog. Options export doesn’t export this value any longer, import recognises the tag, but no action is taken if set
  • Added UTRIX-16 support
  • Corrected bug in iS0Tag report (elapsed time display for longer periods), and pdf export (Day Summary pagination)
  • Corrected TIC20/TICT day summary view printing (multiple pages), now works for wider Russian texts
  • Corrected report printing (events table on second page)
  • Added Configuration profile logger type USRIC-4, re-named existing profile logger type to USRIC-8. Configuration mechanism checks if product types match
  • Customise CSV export: Limit custom list delimiter entry field to one character
  • Added USRIC-4 support, pdf options and file control settings

LTA 2.5

2.5 release 19

2.5.19, LogTagIO 2.5r21, released 2 July 2015

  • Resource files have the correct language IDs (LTA: Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Greek, LogTagIO: Spanish, Turkish)
  • Corrected size of Greek Edit Profile dialog
  • Corrected shortcut for USB re-installer

2.5 release 18

2.5.18, LogTagIO 2.5r21, released 25 June 2015

  • Corrected alert value display in edit profile dialog (incorrectly displayed sensor limits), and enable/disable of selected advanced alert delay options
  • Fixed bug in Configure USRIC dialog, where alert latch check box was not correctly checked when alert latch bit set.
  • Configuration profile load mechanism: Ignore corrupted checksum for profiles created with a version of LTA 2.5r14 that had incorrect code page field position
  • Added Russian resource strings

2.5 release 17

2.5.17, LogTagIO 2.5r21, released 9 June 2015

  • If neither User Profile.dat, nor user specific AutoImportSettings.xml exists, LTA searches for AutoImportSettings.xml file in installation folder and imports those settings
  • Corrected bug in text and html export: Display after-start readings correctly when pre-start readings are present
  • Added “Clear outbox" feature to delete “outbox.txt" file with unsuccessul FTP/SMTP uploads
  • Added check and error message for file path length > 260 characters when creating ltd file name
  • Added customisation options to asxml file
  • Added read-only profile attribute (read-only profiles are stored in User Profile.dat)
  • Added configuration profile import/export from/to asxml file
  • Redesigned Advanced USRIC dialog: Advanced features are enabled, but a warning triangle is shown when unsupported loggers are connected
  • USRIC configuration (and profile) upload: Display warning when not all settings are supported
  • Profile dialog: Correctly handle USRIC inhibit OK LED flag (LCONTROL)
  • Profile dialog: Check alert delay values for minimum value when OK button clicked
  • Added checks to prevent Preset profiles from being used in LTA
  • Zoom to readings range takes paused readings into account (not for USRIC, as no valid temperature values for paused readings)
  • Always create a new ltd file on download if recalibrated flag set in readings
  • XML options import: Changed upper custom range chart zoom value limit to 373 (Fahrenheit/Kelvin)
  • XML options import/export: Added Templates folder
  • XML options: Added customisation options for import success message
  • PDF creation “invalid argument" error: Handle case where no custom pdf options defined in User profile
  • Ignore LTR_CONTENT ($18) error when configuring logger (invalid time registers), handle error better when downloading
  • Improved “LogTag failed to respond" error message
  • Corrected crash on File Export when iS0Tag downloaded with F4
  • Removed extra full stop in Re-configured success message when no battery warning displayed.
  • Re-built USB driver sub-installers with updated Advanced Installer version (Win 10 support)
  • Installer: Include driver uninstaller/installer for customers with Win 8.1 driver load problem
  • Installer: Add support for WIndows 10 preview
  • If neither User Profile.dat, nor user specific AutoImportSettings.xml exists, LTA searches for AutoImportSettings.xml file in installation folder and imports those settings
  • Corrected bug in text and html export: Display after-start readings correctly when pre-start readings are present

LogTagIO 2.5r21, released 9 June 2015

  • SDK: Added relevant register locations to .ltd file
  • SDK: Corrected pre-start reading processing when first after-start reading falls on a checksum position
  • SDK: USRIC configuration disables unsupported features in older firmware versions
  • SDK: Corrected pre-start reading processing when first after-start reading falls on a checksum position (USRIC not affected)

LogTagIO 2.5r20, released 13 May 2015

  • USRIC: Added Max Alert Delay information in sensor info
  • USRIC: Truncate extra character in label serial number field
  • USRIC: Disable unsupported pdf options in older firmware during configuration

2.5 release 16

2.5r16, LogTagIO 2.5r18, released 9 April 2015

  • Updated SDK for SDK release
  • Added export option to include date/time, and/or elapsed time in file export
  • Added support for new USRIC features: csv file generation, MKT, pdf time zone
  • Added statistics option for MKT: Use logger stored Delta H value (if defined)
  • Added pdf time zone display for USB loggers
  • Allow quick-reconfiguration for TRIL loggers

2.5 release 15

2.5r15, LogTagIO 2.5r14, released 27 February 2015

  • Corrected profile load/save mechanism for profiles stored in LTA 2.5r14. Affected logger types: TRIX, TREX, HAXO, SRIC, TRIL/SRIL
  • Corrected an issue with the alert value spin controls for TRIX-8

2.5 release 14

2.5r14, LogTagIO 2.5r14, released 14 January 2015

  • Added registry key “LegacyComDetection" to disable Windows-specific COM port detection mechanism
  • Corrected Report view to display “**" if readings beyond sensor limit/calibration table limit
  • Corrected “Apply to all open charts" function in Manual Scaling
  • Corrected iS0Tag Report and Day Summary chart zoom settings when temperature unit changed
  • Fixed bug in Background download (size of USB logger port info array)
  • Added “Apply manual scaling to all open charts" to Report View chart
  • TFS issue #225: Evaluate above/below limit readings flag to hide TRED readings above 99 degC in chart/report chart display and tooltips
  • Added retries when saving pdf file locally, and when copying onto the network/final destination
  • Removed Options import/export buttons from Edit menu
  • LT Configuration: Re-detect USB loggers on “Again" in Upload dialog, configure with same settings
  • Report: Only display first “Paused – plugged in" event for USB loggers in event list
  • Added option in Options – Automation dialog to automatically save read-only ltd files in default data folder when opened (does not overwrite existing files), also added feature to options import/export
  • Options dialog: Refresh current options page after import from xml file
  • Chart display: No line to/from paused readings for USRIC, as the reading value is below sensor range
  • Added LED flash sequence at the end of USRIC configuration
  • Changed USRIC advanced options dialog title to “Advanced Options"
  • USRIC configuration: Automatically select “alert latch" if any alert delay is selected
  • Added support for DEMO USRIC (product ID 0x3000)
  • Added Manual Scaling for all open charts
  • Corrected Report view display bug when only paused readings in chart
  • Added TEMP path to diagnostics text file
  • Added registry key “TemporaryFolder" to specify writable temp folder for pdf creation/temporary logo storage
  • Stepped configuration profile version number to 4 for USRIC support
  • USRIC configuration: “Generate Files" and “Download Password" options are mutually exclusive
  • Added buttons for import/export in Options dialog
  • USRIC: Generate diagnostics .ltm file
  • Added auto file/folder name parameters for week, month, year
  • TFS #224: Add product type (model) to the fields which are exported into the summary information for text, csv, html formats
  • Corrected iS0Tag day statistics calculation and chart/data display if Fahrenheit selected in Preset (TFS #231)
  • Added support for USRIC-8

Older Versions

2.4 release 5

2.4r5, LogTagIO 2.4r5, released 13 August 2014

  • Corrected TRIX/TREX 1.4 configuration dialog: Selection radio boxes for wrap around/duration now clear correctly

2.4 release 4

2.4r4, LogTagIO 2.4r5, released 30 May 2014

  • Saving a multi chart file will prompt user to copy data files into the selected multi chart directory, if not already present (TFS #188)
  • Save/load selected options settings into/from XML file
  • Added error handling for unrecognised XML tags and invalid values
  • Store pdf file in temporary location/file name before moving into final location to reduce network problems (TFS #4)
  • Included AppData folder in diagnostics file
  • Advanced alarm configuration for format version 2 TRIL/SRIL, includes format version update to 3
  • Hibernate function erases all logged data, warning message is displayed before hibernation (TFS #220)
  • Clearing multi chart subtitle is now possible (TFS #221)
  • Corrected column calculation for report printing (TFS #219)
  • Corrected bug in Report display of advanced TRIX 1.4 alert delay settings
  • Removed logger type from diagnostics file name
  • Corrected zoom problems in iS0Tag Report charts
  • Installer: Install new driver version 2.10.00 for OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2008
  • Corrected iS0Tag alarm text in Summary properties page
  • Adjusted iS0Tag run time to represent a multiple of the log interval displayed in report, day summary view and file exports
  • Corrected iS0Tag first date of day summary to represent calendar date with majority of readings
  • iS0Tag: Re-named Chart tab to Log Chart, Report shows chart titles matching the tab names
  • iS0Tag with invalid RTC: Display elapsed time only
  • iS0Tag Alarm trigger time now shown in chart, data view and file exports
  • Installer: Added new USB driver version 2.10.00 for Win7 and Win8 (both 32 and 64 bit), Server 2008 Release2 (x64) and Server 2012 (x64), all other OS have previous driver
  • Added iS0Tag download support, chart, report, day summary, day summary chart, file exports
  • Added HAXO format version update (format version 2: Download password support)
  • Apply configuration profile: Prompt user for existing password during settings upload if logger password different from profile password
  • Issue #210: Corrected degrees above/below formula (abs)
  • Issue #209: Export files for Indicators now always include the summary and general logger information.
  • No Summary tab for iS0Tag log table

2.3 release 30

2.3r30, LogTagIO 2.3r44, released 28 November 2013

  • Format version 2 TRID30-7FW have time registers in configuration time zone, not UTC
  • Temporarily disabled average display for sleep started display logger (work in progress)
  • Added support for format version 2 TRIL/SRIL with new battery management calculation values
  • Corrected display of chart markers, legend and report event info for readings with multiple attributes (paused/download/inspection mark)
  • Included latest Russian translations
  • Improved Russian and Greek pdf export
  • Corrected label displayed above graph in TIC report
  • Corrected format version 2 re-configured TRID30-7FW time display
  • Support for demo versions of TIC20/TICT

2.3 release 27

2.3r27, LogTagIO 2.3r39, released 24th September 2013

  • Installer uses older, working USB driver version 2.08.24, no prerequisite check
  • Support for Russian language
  • Added handling for “sensor calibration damaged" to configuration upload with “Again" button, auto- and quick-reconfiguration
  • Send diagnostic function: Removed retry loop and ignore COM ports if “disable all COM ports" selected
  • Allow limited re-configuration of TRID30-7FW and format version update to format version 2 on configure and hibernate
  • Save diagnostics memory dump in new .ltm format (can be opened in LogTag Service)
  • Added handling of additional registry keys to block options and operations
  • Fixed chart in indicator report for failed TIC20/TICT.
  • Added “custom range" option to “report", “charts", and “multichart".
  • Corrected bug in Report: Degree Minutes below
  • Corrected Summary Tab display for TRID/TRED: “Time above/equal upper alert" and “…lower alert" texts: Remove line break
  • Removed seconds from “First reading" string in indicator report (TICT and TIC20).
  • Last character from Label serial number no longer truncated in auto-download “no readings" message for TIC/TICT
  • Added version info into title bar.
  • support for RTC in TIC
  • code page support for TIC20 and TICT
  • date and time format strings in “diagnostic"
  • Alert Indicator behaviour corrected for enabled alert in TRIX 1.4
  • TRID30-7FW, corrected stats calculation for wrapped readings
  • Correct maximum value on TRID 5.1
  • LTA Profile now only allows odd seconds logging for TRID (same as standard configuration)
  • Fixed keyboard entry of cumulative and consecutive alarm counts to Profiles.
  • Improved TRID download speed
  • Corrected Printing issues in some languages.
  • Actual start date/time display now included in configure dialog

2.3 release 18

2.3r18, LogTagIO 2.3r21, released 6th March 2013

  • Corrected TRIL/SRIL Fahrenheit alert values applied in profile
  • Print day summary and data: Corrected print margins (when unit set to inches) and missing rows on printout
  • Fixed crash when options changed while Print Preview open
  • Edit profile dialog: Allow 256 for “trigger alarm after … alert readings"
  • Corrected check for DisableSoftwareUpdate key in HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry hive
  • SDK: TRID max. supported format version is 1
  • Added “Average reading" and “Standard Deviation" into “Recoded Data" table.
  • Added “Include Summary" checkbox into “Save File" dialog in German resources. (“Einschließlich Zusammenfassung")
  • Convert to correct display temperature unit in HTML and text (csv, tab delimited) exports
  • Registry entry for “Disable Software Update" setting now also searched for in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
  • Fixed Save as function applies modifiers inconsistently for HTML and CSV options
  • Corrected setting of pre-start flag when logger was hibernated during wrapped pre-start logging (SDK)
  • File extension .sltd not added twice in File – Save As
  • Corrected deletion of empty annotation file on file save
  • Alarm triggered after consecutive alert delay now correctly displayed in Report
  • Added error message in Options dialog when User Server registry key not accessible.
  • Increased precision when calculating/retrieving TRID alert values to support Fahrenheit resolution
  • Increased wait period for background download thread shutdown when user logs off User Server
  • Added extra validation for Downloaded Time in Report, as file format 1 results in zero values for timestamp
  • configure check now allows time start
  • Added wait cursor while initial comms with logger takes place
  • Additional function for checking if configuration is allowed
  • Multichart Bug when switching to elapsed time-real time, scaling of graph fixed
  • Fixed memory leak in diagnostics function. Added wait cursor while waiting for background threads to close
  • Print header: Don’t display timestamps for “First reading" and “Last reading" if logger has not been started
  • Fixed HAXO report text overlapping boundary
  • Added context help handling
  • Added Html help handling to avoid “Failed to launch help" error message. Added help contexts.
  • Added help links for customise statistics dialogs
  • To always add file extentions for save files when file name dialog does not include it.
  • Added “S" and “SN" strings into “Standard deviation" string
  • Added savings of “average" and ‘standard deviation" settings
  • removed DIB error message during pdf creation
  • Added Button for Elapsed Time
  • Detect Windows8 pdf reader for display of User Guide
  • Added reconfigure check before “Again" to detect low battery loggers
  • Enable “Again" button when no interfaces connected
  • Added texts for TRID hibernate – erase readings warning message
  • When user places tick into “Allow reset of logger with START button" – “Allow logging stop with STOP button" ticked automatically
  • Added Code Page support
  • Corrected diagnostic message
  • Corrected Average chart display for TRID30-7FW
  • Corrected Edit Copy in Report view
  • TRID30-7FW that have not been hibernated are handled correctly
  • Changed display text to “Display clock/Download date"
  • TRID30-7FW downloaded with LTA > 2.3 are only displayed in “Display clock/Download date" time zone, regardless of options setting
  • TRID30-7FW: Added mechanism in SDK to determine date offset from display / PC time
  • Save As: Newly saved copy of file will be opened in new window
  • Corrected status bar entries for Hibernate, Quick-Reconfigure and Profile menu entries
  • Remove report tab when switching from single chart to average chart mode
  • Confirm removal of password restriction dialog in edit profile dialog has more suitable text
  • TRID30-7FW files downloaded with LTA 2.2 will be displayed the same as in LTA 2.2
  • Save As: TRID30-7FW files downloaded with LTA 2.2 will be converted into new file format with sleep start calculations, new file will be opened automatically
  • Corrected User Server connection code in SDK
  • Added new display time zone for TRID30-7FW sleep start
  • Tic support: Day summary, Summary property sheet
  • Edit profile: Ask for password to save changes
  • Branded versions: Use company logo in report
  • Branded versions: Use custom profile file extension
  • Corrected bug: Missing alert settings when applying Profiles created with LogTag Preset
  • Included support for TRID30 firmware version 5.1 (SDK)
  • Included Swedish profile dialog (Item # 1.018)
  • Corrected FileSaveDialog bug, Multi chart file save dialog now has date/time selection disabled (Item # 1.017)
  • Chart export to pdf: Added error handling when DIB creation fails (Item # 1.021)
  • Corrected parameter list in UpdateExtraMem() (bug #153: re-calibrated flag not cleared during UpdateInfo())
  • SRIC/TRIL/SRIL: Don’t round alert levels in SDK, rounding performed in LTA to avoid loss of accuracy when converting between temperature units
  • Correct TRID alert values to allowed range when attempt to configure
  • User Server registry key also read from HKCU location
  • TRID: Removed ResetBatteryCapacity function
  • TRID alert values: Use 3 decimal places when storing/retrieving values for higher precision in Fahrenheit
  • GetDownloadInfo reads number of trips for SRIL/TRIL, TRID not hibernated on quick-reconfigure
  • Save Mem dump: Include firmware major, minor, revision number, increased mem dump file version number to 4
  • Check for all possible User Server registry key names
  • Fixes for User Server Connection being lost when upgrading from 2.2 to 2.3
  • Code Page Support no longer relies on Format Version of logger.
  • User Server registry key: Removed extra value that determines key name, key now always named “Server"
  • User Server registry key: Additional code to read key stored with Ansi compile of SDK, for upgrade LTA 2.2 to 2.3
  • Trix format version update routine fixed
  • Updated Code Page Support to save code page 1252 in logger
  • Added extra check to determine if TRIL is in fact a SRIL
  • Various changes for Calibrate
  • Included TIC interface LED mode handling
  • Limit number of correction table entries to 4 for TRID/TRED
  • Covered case of TRID30-7FW that has not been hibernated prior to start (date/time calculations)
  • Changed .ltd file format version to 4 for TRID loggers
  • Corrected User Server connection code
  • Added TIC support
  • TRID30-7FW: Assume push button start from hibernation, calculate sleep interval for display in LTA

2.2 release 20

2.2r20, LogTagIO 2.2r10, released 11th December 2011

  • Added “Report" tab
  • Added pdf page size and orientation (exception is “report" tab – always “portrait") customisation
  • Added new type of zoom “from first reading to first download/inspection mark" and “from last download/inspection mark to last reading"
  • Modified connection with User Server to support UNICODE application
  • Modified TRIL/TREL battery life calculation
  • Modified “user profile" (.dat) files to open LTA with same language selection as installer
  • Modified “user profile" (.dat) files to set “Store pending uploads" options on by default
  • Corrected “setting download mark" when logger has less then 15 seconds to next recording
  • Supported operating systems in installer changed (support from Win XP and higher)
  • Added manifest files for Win7 (PCA messages)
  • Added tooltips to ListView controls to enable user to see longer then column (in ListView control) strings
  • Corrected FTP error messages when FTP user aborts uploads
  • Added Ansi decryption object to allow decryption of user names/passwords stored with Ansi LTA version
  • Check for existing profile name
  • Replaced lock with cross symbol when profile upload failed
  • Greek installer now starts LTA with Greek language selected
  • Merged report resources into language files
  • Added registry key to prevent user from checking for updated LTA on internet (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LogTag\LogTag Analyzer\Settings\DisableSoftwareUpdate)
  • Configure dialogs: Warn user about empty password, update log period when log interval decreased and max. number of readings reached
  • Added re-configure function (Menu/F6) and automatic re-configure after download
  • File open and configure logger: Display appropriate error message if User Server connection interrupted
  • Added Romanian and Greek language support
  • Download logger memory dump and attach to diagnostics e-mail (Help – Request help feature)
  • Optional outbox feature: Pending FTP/SMTP uploads are stored in outbox XML file on program termination, uploads are automatically resumed on next program startup
  • SDK supports new TRIL low temperature battery calculation mechanism for format version 1
  • Added full TRED30 support
  • Re-design of User Server sockets use, Report tab and pdf export
  • Corrected code to store pdf export parameters in user profile
  • Added Configuration Profiles
  • MAPI send mail: Convert Unicode file names (Chinese) correctly for file attachment list
  • Corrected file list in send mail error message (Unicode)
  • Now able to save as pdf with Chinese file name
  • Chinese language with SimSun display font: Adjusted DataView readings column width to fit outside sensor range text
  • Changed download mechanism to improve performance. Download mark is now set even if incorrect download password is entered
  • Included current code page in diagnostic file
  • Configure dialogs: Entering a password automatically checks the “Configure requires password" option, empty password clears password option check boxes
  • Configure dialogs: Selecting “Download requires password" option without selecting “Configure requires password" option prompts for confirmation with warning message
  • Configure dialogs: Latch alert automatically selected and disabled when alert delay selected
  • Options: Folder paths can contain environment variables (data folder, FTP and SMTP log folders)
  • Corrected subject text in diagnostics e-mail (Unicode version)
  • Changed behaviour when user attempts to exit program while uploads are in progress
  • Enabled Help command in “Add Signature" dialog (“New")

2.1 release 15

2.1r15, LogTagIO 2.1r13, released 8th July 2011

  • Changed resource texts (German message on program exit when uploads active, simp. Chinese TRID advanced dlg)
  • Added handling for new User Server flag (user account locked)
  • Corrected Wizard dialog sequence for TRED
  • Included TRID30-7FW support
  • If re-calibrated logger is re-calibrated again with readings present, a new copy of the downloaded data is created (file name “copy 1")

2.1 release 12

2.1r12, LogTagIO 2.1r12), released 30th May 2011

  • Included Polish, traditional Chinese and Swedish translations
  • Updated Italian, Dutch and Spanish translations
  • Added TRED support
  • Corrected subject text in diagnostics e-mail (Unicode version)
  • Changed behaviour when user attempts to exit program while file uploads are in progress
  • Enabled Help command in “Add Signature" dialog (“New")
  • Corrected Unicode problem when double-clicking on ltd file in Explorer while an instance of LTA is already running
  • Correctly interprets re-calibrated TRID data
  • Corrected bug in Min/Max/Average view when “Download time zone" selected
  • Printing: Save page orientation in User Options, remember selected printer (session volatile)
  • Included battery status display in TRIX configure dialog
  • Improved download time
  • Improved Data tab display, readings column width
  • Corrected file upload/send e-mail function to work with file names containing Unicode characters

2.0 release 17

2.0r17, LogTagIO 2.0.22, released 23rd September 2010

  • Included daylight saving information in diagnostics file
  • Corrected MRU/Registry key issue, now using “LogTag Analyzer" spelling in registry key
  • Corrected Save As dialog: CSV export default setting is “use default separator"
  • Multi chart: Use line style and thickness from chart options if chart colour changed (open multi chart file reads line thickness from options)
  • Auto-download: Changed progress bar range to better represent download progress time
  • Merged new auto-download dialog into language resources
  • Brackets around dwLogInterval / 1000 to avoid intermediate calc overflow
  • Zoomed chart printout: Don’t include one reading more than chart statistics
  • Included Chinese translations for Unicode version
  • SDK: Improved TRID download performance
  • Improved configuration upload performance
  • TRID: Configuration dialog has Beeper check boxes enabled when beeper installed
  • Unicode version: Correct e-mail address is inserted into e-mail generated by ‘Request Help’
  • Auto-download: Added timed progress bar update during GetInfo() execution

2.0 release 14

2.0r14, LogTagIO 2.0.21, released 28th August 2010

  • SDK change (TRID time registers) to remove incorrect start times on time start

2.0 release 13

2.0r13, LogTagIO 2.0.19, released 11th August 2010

  • TRIX 1.4: UpdateInfo() ignores “simple" alert trigger settings if advanced settings also present (for Preset)
  • TRIX >1.2: Inhibit Alert LED bit not changed when hibernating or after configuring ready for start
  • Removed low battery reply branch in CInterfaceUSB::Exchange() to avoid TRIX 1.4 dropping out mid-communication

2.0 release 11

2.0r11, LogTagIO 2.0.16, released 26th June 2010

  • TRIX 1.4: UpdateInfo() ignores “simple" alert trigger settings if advanced settings also present (for Preset)
  • TRIX >1.2: Inhibit Alert LED bit not changed when hibernating or after configuring ready for start
  • Removed low battery reply branch in CInterfaceUSB::Exchange() to avoid TRIX 1.4 dropping out mid-communication
  • Send mail function: Use “txtm" for MAC text export
  • File export on download: Use clean method for adding file extensions
  • Ftp upload: Avoid false “success" reported when missing write access to remote folder
  • Automatically add .multi file extension when saving new multi chart file
  • No message box when auto-download cancelled by user
  • Corrected bug in Chart options dialog (set humidity “no line" parameter)
  • SMTP log file now contains all attachments
  • SMTP upload status indicates multiple file attachments
  • Corrected duplicate attachment of .multi file
  • Inserted retry to change FTP remote directory
  • Corrected log file entry (Logger ID) for TRIX 1.2 firmware
  • Configuration logs: Log file always logs all values, empty fields for non-selected columns
  • Configuration logs: Added quotation marks around durations and User ID fields
  • Configuration reports dialog: Added warning message when log file format changed
  • Dutch dialog resource: Options date/time: Display time zone drop down box size to fit all entries
  • Configure TRID dialog: corrected check for alert value limits
  • Multi Chart legend: Check all charts for download marks
  • Corrected typo in German resources
  • Configure dialog: Battery check only checks actual loggers, not generic ltInfo structure
  • Corrected printing problem
  • Merge from LTA 1.9r18: Update TRIX format version
  • Corrected bug in User Profile.dat storage
  • Switch to Multi chart mode: Don’t prompt for file save if file not modified
  • Added .sltd to list of LogTag Analyzer file types in file open dialog, changed type list in file save dialog
  • FTP/SMTP upload settings saved in LTA 1.9 now import correctly
  • Installer: Remove previous LTA installation, keeping the User Profile file intact.
  • Corrected Dutch resource format string: Stop logging when Hibernation selected
  • Save as Pdf: Save chart and summary image, configurable content options
  • Save as sltd: Improved from/to time handling: use user defined date/time format, corrected input issues
  • Merged Turkish resources from LTA 1.9
  • Options – Exports and Reports: Improved Customize button location and labelling
  • Changed error text for damaged sensor calibration (displayed after download)
  • Added “update TRIX format version" function (from < 6 to format ver 6) in configure dialog
  • TRIX with format version 6: Enable Password protected download (warning: mixed configuration of format ver 6 and lower will unset protect flag)
  • Changed error message to “LogTag failed to respond" for error code LTR_COMMS_LTNOREPLY
  • New Options dialog: Configuration Reports, log configuration data in text file
  • Options – Charts: When “no line" is selected, no line will be displayed in chart
  • Options – User Server: Check that User Server is actually running (PingServer) when “User Server runs on local machine" selected
  • Options – Date and Time: Additional time zone: Logger Display Time Zone
  • Configure TRIX dialog: Update alert delay interval when log interval unit changed
  • New Time Zone: Display Clock TZ
  • Added MKT Delta H parameter
  • Installer: Register sltd file extension as LogTag Analyser file
  • Bugfix: To date in Save as dialog is zoom end time
  • Bugfix: Corrected position -> time calculation for Annotations in Chart tab
  • Additional export option for CSV: Default or custom list separator
  • Save As CSV: Use default or custom list separator, take default setting from options
  • Changed spelling of LogTag Analyser to LogTag Analyzer in About dialog
  • Added “Save as pdf" (text only at present) plus automatic export
  • Removed RegisterShellFileTypes(), replaced with COneInstance class mechanism (to solve DDE Explorer problem)
  • Changed export file name extension for Mac format to .txtm to avoid overwriting
  • Added configurable upload formats for auto/manual SMTP and FTP
  • Changed “send test email" code to be more reliable (don’t check connection before trying to send mail)
  • Changed data type of days variable in Systemtime.cpp to enable processing of dates far in the future
  • Added marker (line) to indicate TRID display clock has been changed
  • Trid LogBufCtrl: Ignore paused and time change flags when determining reading value
  • MultiChartView: Call OnInitialUpdate() when switched to Multi chart mode
  • TRID support
  • Replaced old FormatString() function (which causes invalid heap operation), with safe _stprintf_s()
  • OpenPath(): Check file attributes before attempting to open annotation file
  • Replaced FTP functions with new class library functions
  • Version rollover